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#Culture | What Selena Might Have to be Ready for While Dating The Weeknd

American singer/actress Selena Gomez dating Ethiopian artist The Weeknd, legally named Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is probably one of the hottest celebrity couples stories right now. Seeing how in love these two seem to be had us reflect back on how it really is to date an Ethiopian guy. Indeed, The Weeknd may have been born in Canada, but however he was raised by his mother and grandmother who were both more traditional.

If Selena wants to take things further with The Weeknd, she’ll probably have to be ready for the following:

1. Speak Amharic.

 Amharic is the official language in Ethiopia and Tesfaye’s first language, before English. Selena will probably have to make an effort to speak the language to better communicate with his Mom, grandmother and any of his close family members. Ethiopians in the diaspora still speak Amharic amongst them, and they regularly hold functions to keep in touch.

2. Get used to the smell of shinkurt, berbere and all spices. 

Ethiopian cooking includes a lot of spices with strong smells that usually take some time to get used to for an American. Virtually every Ethiopian dish requires at least some onions, and most require a lot of them. Bebere is also indispensable in many Ethiopian recipes. With a deep red paprika color, berbere is a blend of onions, garlic, ginger and other spices. The smell of these spices can linger in the house for many days.

3. Less PDA. 

Public demonstration of romantic affection is not that common and not that acceptable in the Ethipian community. People will seriously be weirded out if Selena engaged in some PDA with her boo in front of family and friends like it’s seen all over social media.

4. Celebrate Fasika. 

Although The Weeknd is not very religious anymore, he was raised as an Oriental Orthodox Christian. When he was younger his grandmother would take him to an Ethiopian Orthodox church to attend service. Religion can therefore still be a pivotal part of his life. Selena might therefore have to be excited to celebrate Fasika (Ethiopian Easter), arguably the most celebrated Holiday in Ethiopia, where family members and friends travel from faraway to be with their loved ones and celebrate this important holiday among the Christian faithful. Indeed, Selena might need to attend the Fasika feast, which would not feel complete without these famous traditional Ethiopia 4uisines. Celebrating one day in Ethiopia is even a strong probability, as Tesfaye told Vogue that we would love to visit Ethiopia soon.

5. Master the Ethiopian time just in case. 

Almost all Ethiopians use a 12-hour clock, with one cycle of 1 to 12 from dawn to dusk, and the other cycle from dusk to dawn. Unlike the convention in most countries, the start of the day is dawn, rather than midnight. Thus, 7:00 AM corresponds to 1:00 in daylight hours in local Ethiopian time. 12:00 noon is 6:00 in daylight hours, and 6:00 PM is 12:00 in local time. The current time convention persists despite inroads of international norms.

#SoCool | Cameroonian Drag Queen Bebe Zahara Is Still Fierce!

Famously known as the first winner of America's first ever drag queen competition Ru Paul Drag Race, Bebe Zahara Benet was born and raised in Cameroon. She moved to Minneapolis nearly 20 years ago to complete her college studies and be closer to her family.

Bebe’s first introduction to the drag art form was at a Paris fashion show, where she was asked to put on a costume to walk the runway as a female last minute after another model failed to show up. Bebe got her start as a full-on drag entertainer not long after moving to Minneapolis, inspired by the budding drag scene there.

Bebe’s first major performance was alongside pop diva Cyndi Lauper in a performance of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” during LGBT Pride. Soon, Bebe was wowing audiences with her international flavor and regal stage presence. After the third attempt to recruit her, Bebe was convinced to join the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bebe was the last woman standing, and got right to work in hit music and unforgettable live shows.

Still today, this she-male is slaying drag stages and seems to have not lost any of her beauty nor energy.


#Music | Découvrez Le Nouvel Album de Viviane Chidid

La chanteuse Sénégalaise Viviane Chidid a présenté son tout nouvel album "Wuyuma" le 13 Février 2017. Nous vous invitons d'en découvrir trois morceaux choisis pour leur parfaite esthétique musicale et Chidid qui pose des mélodies mielleuses. Ecoutez Wuyuma, Li Dafa Niaw et Mariage Forcé!

#Culture | The African Trans Experience

Nigerian novelist and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said in an interview with Channel 4 News “I think the whole problem of gender in the world is about our experiences. It’s not about how we wear our hair or whether we have a vagina or a penis. It’s about the way the world treats us, and I think if you’ve lived in the world as a man with the privileges that the world accords to men and then sort of change gender, it’s difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning as a woman and who has not been accorded those privileges that men are.”

Her position for disagreeing with the fact the issues of women and the issues of trans women are the same has exposed her to serious backlash from those who felt that Adichie was not equipped to speak about the trans women experience because she knew nothing about it.
Being right into International Women’s Month, it would be appropriate to talk about women and the experience of those we probably fail to take into consideration every day.

The issue of trans people is still a sensitive topic in virtually all African cultures, however, there are African people having different trans experiences all over the continent. Africa is definitely not ready for a trans integration yet - we have a seriously hard time wrapping our mind around anything else than heterosexuality, although other African sexual habits are obviously too atypical and must never be normalized – still, there are some Africans bold enough to challenge societal rules regarding gender and sexuality.

Here are 6 Africans living the trans experience their own way.

Cleopatra Kambugu via

1. The Documentary The Pearl Of Africa features the life of 28-year-old Cleopatra Kambugu, known as the first, a Ugandan Transgender Woman. She’s biologically born male, but against all odds transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be. .In the film we get to follow her as she questions gender expression and identity, reshape attitudes and uncover the realities of a people whose existence has been shrouded in myth and prejudice. She rewrites the story of a transgender woman that has for long been shrouded in darkness and misunderstood.

Audrey Mbuga via

2.In Kenya, Andrew Mbugua created stupor when he insisted on being recognized and considered a woman. Now insisting of being known as her female first name Audrey, Mbugua states that she was diagnosed with a gender identity disorder seven years after her high school graduation. Audrey explained that she is still undergoing treatment. In 2014 a court in Kenya allowed Mbugua to have her name changed and ordered the National Board of Education to amend the certificate of secondary education to take into account Audrey Mbugua’s new name.

3.Born in Benin, Cléo (name changed for protection) left her country because of her transsexuality and her activism. After living in Tunisia for several years, she was recently granted asylum there. Finally, with regard to the family who disowned and threatened her, Cléo calmly says that she doesn’t hold all that much against them. “They live their life, I live mine. To make a clean break, I took my maternal grandmother’s name.” She concludes, “We’ve just taken different paths.”
The young woman doesn’t yet know her long-term plans. The UNHCR considers that Tunisia it is not a safe country for her due to the risk of “racial or sexual discrimination” and listed Cléo for resettlement. She has just learned that she is to leave for Europe very soon. She doesn’t know exactly where she’ll end up, but it should be with a residence permit, an apartment and protection: fresh promise for a future.

Read more about Cleo’s story HERE

Titica via Intagram

4.Born in Angola as Teca Miguel Garcia, singer and dancer Titica adopted her female persona almost 10 years ago following a breast enhancement operation in Brazil. Now, at 30, Titica is the new face of Angola's unique urban rap-techno fusion music style known as "kuduro". In a country where homosexuality is still illegal, Titica is forcing Angola to rethink some of its conventions on sexuality. She has even performed at the annual Divas concert, attended by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, where she herself was named a diva. In an interview with BBC, the young artist said that she was happy to finally meet glory after a long journey of struggle. She admitted to have suffered discrimination and has been stoned and beaten. Pushing convention even further, in her video titled ‘Olha o Boneco’, Titica plays a blushing bride surrounded by her friends, including popular Angolan kizomba singer Ary, who fluff her dress and hold her hands at the altar.

Miss SaHHara via Instagram

5.Popular Nigerian transgender and Miss Trans Star International 2016 contestant, popularly known as Miss SaHHara, said she has always been a woman and would have killed herself if she hadn’t moved to the United Kingdom.
“Moving to the United Kingdom was my redemption, it was either staying in Nigeria, continue being bullied, harassed, beaten up, and succeed in killing myself, or moving away to a more open minded society to leave my dreams to my fullest potentials, so I took the latter,” the model and Trans right activist stated.

Lee Mokobe via Instagram

6.South African slam poet and the youngest TED2015 Fellow Lee Mokobe was invited to give a talk as part of the TEDWomen conference in Monterey, California. During the event, the 19-year old poet and activist, whose work deals with social injustice and gender identity issues, delivered a stirring autobiographical poem in which he came out as transgender. “I was the mystery of an anatomy, a question asked but not answered, tightroping between awkward boy and apologetic girl, and when I turned 12, the boy phase wasn’t deemed cute anymore,” the Cape Town-born founder of South African youth poetry slam team Vocal Revolutionaries said.

#SoCool | Chantal Biya fait le « DAB » lors de la prestation du rappeur TENOR

Performance de l'artiste TENOR, jeune prodige de la musique urbaine camerounaise, en direct à la Cérémonie de récompense Canal 2'Or Act 11 a bénéficié d’un standing ovation de plus de 1500 invités prestige. En présence de Mme Chantal Biya, Épouse du Chef de l'Etat Camerounais accompagné du Ministre de la Communication. Double nominé à cette prestigieuse cérémonie de récompense, sa performance n’a laissé personne indifférent; et surtout pas la première dame du Cameroun qui a réalisé un "Dab historique" selon "Le Bled parle".Revivons ce moment en image

#SoHip | Les Looks de Fally Ipupa Decomposés

Son statut d’artiste extraordinaire n’est plus à en douter. Fally Ipupa, le crooner de la RDC, a toujours su utiliser les meilleures mélodies, les meilleures paroles, les meilleurs pas de danse et sa meilleure tronche pour galvaniser son public. Une star n’est rien sans un style unique, c’est pour beaucoup d’entre eux. Pour le cas de M. Ipupa, il s’est surement intégrer dans une apparence cool avec quelques choix spéciaux, rien de trop extravagant pour s’éloigner du street style, mais assez tape a l’œil pour confirmer son statut de star. En 2017, le chanteur du tube « Original » fera de cette règle une habitude en mélangeant accessoire de qualité et jean, en ramenant à la vie les anciennes modes, et tout ceci la tête toujours couverte par des formes irrégulières. Passant en revue quelques looks de la star nous partageons nos coups de gueule.

A quelques jours du nouvel an à Abidjan, Fally Ipupa arborait un look dont la pièce maitresse était sans doute la jaquette en jean bleu avec d’intéressants détails aux manches et au col et un attroupement de médailles au niveau de l’épaule droite.

Coup de gueule : Joindre cette jaquette et le béret noir pourrait être une révérence indirecte au corps militaire, malheureusement nous n’en sommes pas trop fan. Tout d’abord le plein de médaille donne plutôt à ce look un air de tenue de dictateur ou de chef rebelle. Cette jaquette pourrait aussi être une révérence à Michael Jackson mais une rouge en cuir aurait mieux fait l’affaire.

Pour le nouvel an, Fally s’est mis sur son 31 avec une veste en daim noire et un t-shirt blanc, un pantalon noir qui arrive au haut des chevilles, un chapeau noir, des ombres aux yeux et une paire de sneakers avec un jubile qui s’en tient à un contraste très intéressant au niveau des sous-œillets.

Coup de gueule : Le look est parfait excepté au niveau du collier qui ne complimente pas la tenue. On dirait un collier de grand-mère.

De passage à Douala, Ipupa s’est pris en photo portant des sandales en plastique blanches, un jean déchiré aux genoux un tee et une casquette bleus.

Coup de gueule : Le coup de gueule serait certainement le manque d’application sur ce look. Les sandales sont originales et la montre apporte des couleurs mais le reste est bien trop simple pour une star comme Fally.

A Yaoundé, le lendemain il relève le niveau, surement pour une performance. En effet, celui-ci se remet au bling avec une chemise en jean pleine de paillettes au torse. Il remet une longue chaîne, une casquette et des baskets.

Coup de gueule : Il y en a un peu mare des chapeaux quand même, il pourrait laisser sa tête respirer. Surtout quand la couleur ne va pas du tout avec le reste. Mais par contre cette fois la chaîne fait mieux habillé.

Etes-vous d’accord avec cette analyse ?

Photos: Instagram

#Video | Tenor dans 'Purple Lamborghini' (African Remix)

Après le succès de "Do Le Dab" et de l'expérience de musique urbaine métissée "Kaba Ngondo", TENOR dévoile enfin le clip officiel de son remix du titre "Purple Lamborghini". Sur la musique originale de "Purple Lamborghini" produite par Skrillex and Beat Billionaire pour Atlantic Records et Warner Bros Records, le phénomène actuel de la musique urbaine camerounaise frappe de nouveau. En plein coeur de l'esprit "American Way of Life" tous les clichés y passent : Jet Privé, Champagne, grosses caisses, bling bling... TENOR, rappeur camerounais de 19 ans a sorti le grand jeu. Une fleur à Rick Ross dont la performance a été tout aussi impressionnante sur le track d'origine. À ce propos, le chroniqueur Atome dira que : "On peut apprécier son flow lourd, sale comme la prod dirty qui va bien avec l’énergie du son, des phases et techniques. On perçoit les différentes variantes qu’il donne a son flow, ce qui chasse totalement l’ennui et donne plaisir durant l’écoute. Ca kicke fort… Dirty, Hardcore, Speed, Versace, Dextape, pop, voilà les températures qu’on traverse durant l’écoute." Après deux gros teasers, Dégustez enfin le clip officiel sans modération...


#Vidéo| Dégustez Sonya Kay ft Mr Shyne 'A tes côtés' (Video Lyrics)

A l'occasion de la Saint Valentin la "Kayrayonnante" protégée du label Hope Music groupe a dévoilé son nouveau Single intitulé "A tes cotés" accompagnée de Mr Shyne sous une mélodie plutôt languissante , exprimant ici le désir des deux êtres mis en scene de passer le restant de leurs jours ensemble. Ah que c'est beau l'amour!En attendant la video officielle nous vous laissons dégustez cette video lyrics.

#Video |'Baluck': Yvich, Ténor et Les Featurist pour une collaboration riche en décibels (Video lyrics)

Le label Hope Music group présente«Baluck» la nouvelle galette de son artiste YVICH disponible depuis ce vendredi 3 février sur toutes les plateformes digitales. Déjà auteur du single «Okay»en 2013 , YVICH avait présenté en octobre 2015, son deuxième single intitulé«Parkinson»non pas sans avoir marqué la même année de sa voix mélodieuse à travers le single «Kommen Danses-Tu»(KDT)en featuring avec Michael Kiessou et Dynastie le Tigre. Puis «Mets-moi en haut»sorti l’année dernière;2017 marque ainsi le retour du jeune prodige des studios Hope Music Group, avec un Single baptisé «baluck» en collaboration avec l’étoile montante du rap 237, Tenor, et le duo d’afrobeat le plus en vue au Cameroun, Les Featurist.«Baluck»est un cri de ralliement,une exclamation, une onomatopée, camerounaise empruntée de l’anglais «Bad luck»(mal chance). Dans le contexte camerounais, baluck exprime l’indignation. Nos trois artistes dans ce single s’indignent contre certains maux qui minent la société africaine tels:le commérage, la jalousie, la diffamation...d’où des expressions comme:«Bakeba kobo»(laissez les parler).L’orchestration de «baluck»porte l’estampille du beat-maker Ovadoz; jeune prodige du domaine installé à Buea et qui travaille avec des artistes très connus àl’instarde Mr Leo ou de Salatiel. Le Mix-Mastering est assuré par Mister Chris des studios Ghetto Music. Artistiquement, YVYCH dans «baluck», qui est un autre extrait de son EP à Venir Jabea,crée davantage une réelle césure avec le style R&B qu’on lui connait pour proposer un rythme plus actuel: un saupoudrage de Kwatn’B et d’afro-beat.«Baluck»est disponible sur tous les canaux de distribution online de la firme musicale mondiale Sony Music Entertainment.

Bonne Nouvelle ! La team Afroziky est finalement bien avancée dans son projet d’installation à Douala, Cameroun.

Nous vous présentons SHOWROOM by Afroziky. Notre objectif est de faire de cet espace un lieu d'exposition, de promotion et de vente, destiné à la mise en valeur exclusive de nos différentes créations. Nous voulons vous procurer une variété d’articles exclusifs à production limité dans l’art de l’artisanat dans le but de promouvoir l’individualisme et la culture neo-panafricaine. Dans un monde engouffré dans le générique même la créativité se noie à travers la poursuite de la tendance. Nous voulons briser cette glace et vous donner l’opportunité de définir qui vous êtes sans pression. La route est longue mais nous sommes engagés dans cette cause et voulons que vous soyez des nôtres dans cette aventure !

Showroom, Boutique 39 Marché des fleurs, Douala, Cameroun