#Style | Gaby Sidibe Is Fabulously Losing Weight

Actress Gabourey Sidibe is on her way to get her body in shape as she recently instagrammed a pic of her already slimmed down body.Daughter of a Senegalese father, Sidibe was introduced to the world as a curvy girl, but it looks like she has started a transformation.

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#Audio | Listen to Youssou N'dour ft. Akon on ''Daan''

Once again, Senegalese music living legend Youssou Ndour, released a strong set of contemporary numbers on his fresh-out-of-the -studios EP entitled ''Senegaal Rekk''. Ndour's intelligent fusion of popular mbalax sounds with light pop spirits strips today's music of its regular cheasiness. As you listen to ''Daan'' featuring Akon, you'll understand why N'dour will never go out of trend.

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#Audio | 3rd World Survivors presents #ThisIsAfricaTIA feat Nabil & DJ Pazzo

Launched on March 21 at Etoile Night club in Douala #ThisIsAfricaTIA, is a pan-African movement to showcase African pride. It was launched by Cameroonian rapper/MC/Entrepreneur; Nabil Nabstar aka Nabil IV Real. It will be manifested in several different ways including a pan-African radio network, the 'Show Your Africa' campaign, music and events. The theme song for the campaign just dropped online. It features Nabil Nabstar and DJ Pazzo. Nabil succeeds to rap and sing on Pazzo’s mid-tempo afro-pop beat in English, pidgin and French. The song will have you nodding your head all the way through.

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#SoHip | 12 Times Coco Argentée and Nicki Minaj had the Same Style

Cameroonian pop diva Coco Argentée has recently resurfaced with two hot videos and this made us even more enthralled by the sexy singer. As we dug more and more on her social media, we realized that she and U.S. femcee Nicki Minaj tend to have the same taste. From colorful hair to sexy jumpsuit, we had to show you the wonderful similarities we have just uncovered.

Throw on a jersey and show off legs

Blonde hair, dark roots and hot pink lips

Fringes are never a bad idea for these two

Everybody loves a sexy jumpsuit except these two wear it to perfection

Boobage and fringes seem to be the winning formula for these ladies

Nicki and Coco don't miss nice detailing on a black dress

All out for blue, head to toe to the lipstick

Showing off skin through a revealing dress is a must

They both love pink hair !

They both love purple hair too!

They also love green hair...and bows.

#Gossip | Selon Nathalie Koah #EtooPeut vraiment!

Ses exploits footballistiques ne sont plus √† d√©montrer. Pendant plus d’une d√©cennie, Samuel Eto’o Fils a encha√ģn√© les exploits dans son sport. Il est donc normal que l’affinit√© entre le 9 Camerounais et le g√©ant de t√©l√©com soit royale. En devenant l’√©g√©rie de MTN, Eto’o rappelle sa toute-puissance √† tous, car il pourrait bien √™tre l’homme le plus puissant au monde pour beaucoup d’entre nous.
Le slogan « Eto’o Peut » est donc plus que parfait pour associer Fils √† la toute-puissance mobile que MTN √† son tour veut communiquer √† son public.

Malheureusement aujourd’hui, quand on parle d’Eto’o, le nom de Nathalie Koah - l’ex maitresse de celui-ci - et son tell-all "Revenge Porn" suivent derri√®re comme une MST mal trait√©e.
"Revenge Porn" relate les √©bats intimes de ses deux pendant leurs amourettes pass√©es, maintenant devenues sujet de conversation populaire. Et √† ce sujet, Eto’o a bien montr√© qu’il "pouvait", au point d’emp√™cher la sortie du bouquin de Koah en France.

En s’affichant derri√®re le slogan "Eto’o Peut", est-il en train de transmettre un message subliminal √† Koah et nous autres qu’il peut vraiment faire tout ce qu’il veut?

Là, ça donne déjà un peu la chair de poule !

Et si "Revenge Porn" est vrai dans toutes les r√©v√©lations qui y sont inscrites concernant le pouvoir d’Eto’o, alors #EtooPeut vraiment !

Voici alors jusqu’o√Ļ peut aller ce pouvoir selon « Revenge Porn »

1. Lui peut avoir les plus belles femmes du monde en claquant des doigts. (P 59)

2. Il peut remettre sa menace √† ex√©cution dans l’instant, et peut-√™tre s’y tenir.. (P 94-95)

3. Comment peut-il être aussi menaçant en plein milieu de mon deuil? (P 169)

4. C’est lui qui paye la chambre, il peut y acc√©der comme il veut. (P 122)

5. Il ne peut pas accepter que je contredise sa toute-puissance. (P141)

6. Il peut trouver facilement des femmes qui acceptent ses exigences, et m√™me avoir recours √† des prostitu√©es s’il le faut. (P 148)

7. Comment un homme peut-il mobiliser l’autorit√© judiciaire de toute une ville √† 7 heures du matin pour un tel Vaudeville? (P 166)

8. À ce jeu-là, lui seul peut gagner ( P 166)

9. Ma crainte est ailleurs: jusqu’o√Ļ la col√®re de Samuel peut-il le mener? (P 166)

10. Comment peut-il croire que je veuille encore de lui, ou Рplus fort encore Рque je sois prête à avoir un enfant avec lui? (P168)

11. Je suis bien plac√©e pour conna√ģtre son caract√®re impulsif et la violence qu’il peut entra√ģner. (P 194)

#Gossip | Nathalie Koah Talks threesome w/ Eto'o in Tell-All

Nathalie Koah, the former mistress of Cameroonian soccer superstar Eto'o fils and Ivorian "Life" Magazine cover girl, released early this year a tell-all on her steamy affair with her ex-beau entitled "Revenge Porn - Football, sex, money: the testimony of Samuel Eto'o's ex".

The Daily Mail wrote that the High Court of Paris suspended the release of Koah's book as lawyers of the former Barcelona star successfully argued that "the book contravened France's strict privacy laws."

In the book, the 29-year-old Koah tells of the affair she had with the married footballer between 2007 and 2014 when he played for Barcelona, Inter Milan and Chelsea, including Eto'o's appetite for out-of-the-ordinary sexual experiences. Koah even reveals shocking details on a threesome she claims to have participated in with Fils and Sonor, one of his buddies.  On the 9th chapter of "Revenge Porn" she says:

Upon entering the hotel lobby, I am ready to become the woman he (Eto’o) wants me to be. He decided to put me to the test immediately. I entered his suite, a cigarette in my mouth. I never smoked before, but I took this habit in recent days. It is part of the paraphernalia of the new Nathalie, more mature, more European. Samuel notices and tells me about it, but does not expand on it. The unflustered Sonor (One of Eto’o’s clique member) is also present in the room. Without the slightest embarrassment, Samuel starts to undress, goes to the bathroom and comes back out naked. He lays on top of me. Sonor joins us. This time, I am fully aware of what is happening. We make love, all three of us, and I do not miss a thing. While the two friends are having a good time, I do not stop thinking. The real me is back. This posture disgusts me. I am an object, a ball that is being passed around. I try to think of the hell it is when Samuel is not around, the pure happiness that reads at this moment on his face. This is unfair: I play a role, and the more I am becoming someone else, the more he is becoming himself. I hear him giving me a "my doll," "darling", words that I have not heard since our first flirtations. These sweet words give me the courage to go until the end of the show. I do not put the heart into it, but my body is pretending.

Do you believe this story is true or is Koah just looking for attention?