#SoCool #Fashion | Cameroonian Designer Imane Ayissi Reveals Sketches for African First Ladies

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If Cameroonian designer Imane Ayissi were to dress African first ladies, he would make sure they represent well their culture while fitting in the modern world.

Ample yet sophisticated cuts are what he proposed for Africa's most fabulous women in the January-February 2015 edition of the French afropolitan magazine "Divas". Discover some of his sketches below:

Ana Paula Dos Santos - Angola

For the first lady of Angola, Ayissi thought of a khaki ensemble to soften the silhouette of the former model. The short and pleated jacket combined with the geometrical cut of the skirt give Madam Dos Santos an edge.


 Chantal Biya - Cameroun

Ayissi gave his own first lady a subtler look compared to what she usually displays, but he keeps some interesting elements like the shoulder embellishments and the leather belt. Madam Biya's ivory dress is beautifully draped to show as much curves as a first lady can show.


Antoinette Sassou Nguesso - Congo

For the first lady of Congo, Ayissi imagined a sober blue silk dress. Inspired by the traditional African wrapper, the designer adds an asymmetrical draping that beautifully falls to the side of Madam Sassou Nguesso's pencil skirt.

 Dominique Ouattara - Cote D'ivoire

Originally from France, Dominique Ouattara loves to wear African garments.  Imane Ayissi wanted to keep that aspect of her style and gave her a shirt inspired by the "boubou" with Afrocentric embroidery and over-sized sleeves. He matched the top with a panel skirt and picked ivory fabric to complement her blond hair.

  Sylvia Bongo - Gabon

The first lady of Gabon was given a cocktail look with simple satin pants, a draped top and a shoulder bow. The ensemble gives her a beautiful waste and elegance for the Gods.

Maryam Sall - Senegal

Madam Maryam Sall is usually seen wearing ample tranditional dresses. Imane Ayissi wanted to give her something that fits. He therefore skecthed for her a comfortable draped dress with a V neck. Afrocentric embroidery decorates the sleeves and a shoulder.

Creations: Imane Ayissi
Illustrations: Kamilla Janiuk
For Divas Magazine

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