#SoCool | Who are the Female Judges of 'The Voice' African Franchises?

December 29, 2016 MissJackee 0 Comments

Who knew an original show from Holland could become a global phenomenon? Definitely not us, but we aren’t just impressed by the sensational voices that come out of this production, indeed let’s also recognize that the whole concept is quite an attention grabber.
In fact, starting up with the blind audition to make sure the judges concentrate on the voice and not the looks of the participants have us lift 2 thumbs up every time one of the big red buttons is pushed down.

Then you go to the battle round and you would think participants would try to fight each other, but surprisingly enough this phase of the show is really about how in sync they can be.
And for dessert, you have the live performances, to actually show you our next pop stars at work.

But as it is for most competitions, the end is never pretty for everybody, but seating in the judges chairs are always some of the most talented people, whom by just looking at, you are happy you went through another episode of the show. Therefore it’s all good but after watching in those red chairs Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Alicia Keys and then some, it was about time viewers from the motherland get some representation, I mean the show is widely popular in Africa too.

So there you go, in 2015 The Voice South-Africa and The Voice Angola popped up, and this year we saw the births of The Voice Nigeria and The Voice Africa (only French speaking countries). Now, nobody will say that Africa is not represented. And just in case you are wondering who the leading ladies of the African franchises of The Voice are, we got you covered.

Charlotte Dipanda
Charlotte Dipanda
Charlotte Dipanda of The Voice Africa, from Cameroon, did acoustic music a favor by laying her beautiful voice on it. She started as a background singer for the most talented like Manu Dibango and Papa Wemba. Today she’s melting hearts with her beautiful smile and melodies.

Waje of The Voice Nigeria, is the female voice in P Square’s “Do Me”. She started singing at church and her voice covers three octaves. Today she’s the Naija voice to reckon with.

Lira of The Voice SA, is the one who out sold Celine Dion in South Africa. She was supposed to be an accountant but the music bug kept bugging her. She then dropped her accountant job to pursue music. 11 South African Music Awards later, Lira is considered the foremost adult contemporary female solo artist in South Africa.

Yola Semedo of The Voica Angola is a national treasure. She belongs to a family of musicians, where she received great training. Today, she is still the most awarded Angolan singer.

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