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Herbal medicine is a health practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts. Herbs and plants are the main forms of life on earth. There are about 350,000 species of existing plants. Before the introduction of what we know today as “Aspirin”, man was mainly dependent on herbs for medical needs to retain vitality and cure diseases. The early uses of Aspirin are found in Egypt and Greece. According to Diarmuid Jeffreys, author of "Aspirin: The Remarkable Story of a Wonder Drug," the ancient Egyptians used willow bark as a remedy for aches and pains. The old remedy would work in reducing body temperature and inflammation thanks to a key ingredient: the salicylic acid.

It is only thousands of years later that people separated the key ingredients of aspirin. The aspirin we know today was manufactured in the late 1890s, and is universally recognized for heart-attack prevention in men who have had prior heart attacks, and it has also shown to have benefits against stroke in women.

The strong belief in traditional medicine in Africa exists since the beginning of times. Before modern medicine, Africans relied solely on plants and herbs to heal themselves. The heavy practice of spirituality led them to have trust in traditional medicine as a blessing from the gods, ancestors or as the successful expertise of healers or witches.


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#Music | K-pop is Conquering the World, Except Africa. For Now.

#Music | Hiro Excels on Deluxe Version of 'Erratum' Album

Congolese artist Hiro reissued his 2019 studio album “Erratum” on a deluxe version including 7 newly recorded tracks. These new songs beautifully complement the whole album with tints of Afro-pop, Latin vibes, zouk music and of course-RnB.

From the top, “Motema” is a smart blend of “rhumbatic” guitar riffs, hip hop/afro-pop throbs and a delicious rhythm and blues coat. The album’s fresh and romantic feel gives the RDC balladeer the opportunity to push some of the best sultry zouk vibes melting on RnB as in “Everyday”,“Tombé” and “Hallucinant” which leans a bit more toward Bachata. But the most powerful Zouk Love anthem of the album is probably “Ne Pars Pas” (don’t go), a touching supplication melodically sampling the classic reggae anthem "Bam Bam" from Jamaican dancehall legend Sister Nancy. The references of the 2003 Latin pop track by Lorna “Papi Chulo” and the Nigerian crew Mavins’ “Dorobucci” in order to paint a performant Hiro was just perfect for the song about sensual fantasies and adultery “La Copine de Madame”. For “Mi Amor”, the Bana C4 alum tries something different with Dj Gabriel do Borel on an infectious beat playing as a collision between Reggaeton and pop with Spanish content.

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#SoCool | Celebrate More Than Albinism, Here is your next IG follow

In celebration of International Albinism Awareness Day on June 13, let's acknowledge that people with albinism are just as crazy, nice, calm, excited, music lovers, party people and a lot of other things as everybody else. This personality quiz is daring you to enjoy following on Instagram a person with Albinism not because of their lack of Melanin, but just because you have a lot in common or you just love their instastuff. Take the test, find your match, and have fun.

The full list of the people to follow on IG include

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