June 2, 2012
#List | 7 African male Eye Candies

 There is no reason to not celebrate the royal beauty of our African kings. Yes, they are smart, successful, creative and all that. But, you gotta admit it, the brothers are HOT too!!!

#1 Idris Elba

One of the hardest working actor in Hollywood also happens to be the son of a Ghanaian Dad and a Sierra Leonean  Mom. We will keep watching the movies and the whole bit. Yes, we will be watching.

#2 Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba is an Ivorian soccer superstar. He holds the record for top goal scorer of the 21th century and is now world highest paid soccer player. He helped the Blues win the Champions League in Munich and carried the Olympic torch through crowded streets of London. Fans can't get enough of Drogba. Neither do the ladies. It has to do with his skills on the field but we know that is not all. Just look at the brother!

#3 Flavor Nabania

A recurrent flavor in the Nigeria hot list is this sexy singing Naija crooner who can really make you catch a cold. Call him flavor Nabania and be careful girls, it is hardly possible to have enough of his music or his abs.

#4 John Dumelo

It is a fact that John Dumelo could headline any movie and any heart if he wanted to. The Ghanaian cutey had us hold our breaths since his first screen feature. That's not hard to believe. Who does not want a piece of this?

#5 Sacré

He is one half of the awesome urban-pop group 109 Connexion from Togo. Sacré keeps his rhymes sharp and his swagger very swaggerlicious. What more to say? The brother got it!

#6 Samuel Mapinda

Samuel Was recently crowned Mister Angola 2012. That is not really a surprise, isn't he fine? Mr Mapinda is also very fluent in English and Portuguese. How do you say hot in Portuguese? Quente! Won't mind using that adjective.

#7 Saad Lamjarred

Saad is bringing "hot" from Morocco. This North African gentleman is a very talented singer in the Arabic pop music genre. Saad owns a beautiful voice and the look to match.

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