February 6, 2013
#HipHop #Interview | Dama Do Bling

Dama Do Bling is a Mozambican Femcee, a force to be reckoned with in Africa. Her sick flow and sassy attitude led her to become the Lil Kim of Africa. Dama has already put in some productive years in the Hip Hop business with great collaborations and prestigious awards nominations and wins. Now
mother of a little girl she dearly love, Dama is not ready to slow down just yet. Look out for her fifth studio album, a children book, more video productions and way more bling. The shinny diva shares it all on this piece from her love for hip hop to her encounter with Keri Hilson.

Afroziky: Congratulations, you are a Mom for some time now! How is motherhood?

Dama Do Bling: Motherhood is great! It is something magical that happens in our lives that is hard to explain. It brings peace and quiet. It also brings a lot of smiles and love. I love it. My little daughter is my reason for living.

It has been about 20 years that you are in this Rap business? How is the adventure so far?

It’s actually been eight years. There is a lot of struggle but also many rewards and international recognition. Collaborating with African artists really helps the career. I like what I do and intend to continue to grow with hip hop.

Why did you decide to be a rapper?

I used to admire the American singers and rappers, I loved the way they expressed themselves, the language, the content of the lyrics and the passion for a cause. I think hip hop can express feelings in a more passionate way.

It looks like although you are a mother now, you are not slowing down a bit with your music career! Is it difficult to juggle Motherhood and hip hop?

Yes! Now the priorities are different. My daughter comes first. I will always make music but it is not the same thing. Before, it was only me, now I have to think about someone else and care for her. However, motherhood cannot and should not erase a dream. Difficult yes, but not impossible!

I watched the video for your song Bad Girl! Where was it shot?

It was shot in Maputo, Marracuene, it is a 15 minutes’ drive from the city. It was shot in a single day with an efficient staff. I worked with my own production company and the models wore my designs.

So you are you a Bad Girl (in a good way)! What does being a Bad Girl mean to you?

A bad girl is a woman who fights for her ideas, a woman who is not intimidated by the opinion of other people. She does what her heart tells her to do. A bad girl owns her life.

So from your name Dama Do Bling, I know you love Blings. What is your favorite piece of Jewelry?

Earrings. Love them!

Everybody knows that the Hip Hop world is not always happy and cool, there is also drama. How do you deal with conflicts?

I used to care, but not anymore. We will never please everyone. In such situation, I'd rather please myself. Sometimes, "doing me" brings conflicts but it doesn't matter. We focus on the people who wish us well and work with them. Some people win and others lose! *laugh*

Keri Hilson visited Mozambique last year. How was it to meet her? Did you guys hang out?

It was very nice to find an artist who is a “normal person.” She is very nice and helpful. We talked a lot about the show [we did in Mozambique] and about the country. She met some other tourists visiting different places. We did not hang out that much because I was rehearsing for the show.

So far you are the only Mozambican female rapper that I know. Is it hard to be a successful a female rapper in Mozambique?

We have good rappers. Some rappers are older and others are newcomers. To name a few we got Iveth, Ginna Pepa and Rainha da Sucata.

So what projects are you working on right now?

I am recording my fifth album, but I am taking my time. I am also writing my third book, it is a children book. I also manage my production company.

What is the best advice you can give to someone?


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