February 19, 2013
#Interview #Algeria | Yadi, Londonian Pop Act with some Maghrebian Flavor

Yadi is the definition of eclectic/futuristic pop music. This young London based talent is guilty of making the hippest pop tracks that are inspired by her cultural background which includes Algeria, Italy and Norway.Today, Yadi dropped the spanking new video clip for her single 'the blow'. Hard to miss her retro parternful style in what appears to be a hot day in the Arab world. Plus, the artist was nice enough to talk about her pop artistry, her African heritage and her recent collab with Baaba Maal and The Very Best [Previously Posted Here].

Afroziky: How do you describe your music?

Yadi: Melodic, drum-led future pop.

Were you aware of the fact that your African background would give an interesting edge to your music?

I never really thought about it. It happened instinctively. I used to play African drums like Darbuka and Bendir with my father and grandmother when I was younger and picked up North African rhythm patterns easily. I clap like Algerians! And I've always written alternative pop music with British friends but then the two elements came together when I met my long time collaborator Chris Hutchings, who is a great drummer and we just started playing off beat rhythms together and my song 'Guillotine' was born.

If you were teaching the Pop 101 class, what would be the first lesson?

A strong melody that's simple but obscure and sticks in people's minds. Pop melodies are usually quite strange so if you can achieve that whilst making it memorable, you're onto a winner!

Which musical instrument's sound is a must have in a beat? Why?

Hand claps! Obviously the bass drum is important but most of my beats are made exciting by the offbeat hand claps, it gives the music an air of ceremony and relentlessness which is a huge part of my music!

Are people curious about your interesting family background?

Yes, I'm very proud of my family, where they come from, their stories and the things they've achieved. My grandparents were very progressive and inspiring people of their time.

Ever been to Algeria or any other place in Africa?

Yes I've been to Algeria several times, Tunisia, Morocco (I recently filmed my video for 'The Blow' in Casablanca) and Egypt. I'm desperate to go to sub-Saharan Africa and to the Sahara itself. I want to go to a drumming festival that happens deep in the heart of the desert.

Do you still listen to African music? What songs do you have in your current playlist?

I'm really into Gnawa music at the moment, I've been watching loads of videos online with my buddy Hassan Hajjaj who has photographed all these amazing musicians. You have to watch these guys live because it's about the whole performance, the drumming, the dancing, the jumping, the trance!

How do you know The Very Best? What do you think of their music?

I think they're awesome, Johan is working on my album and its sounding really exciting. He is Swedish and I have Norwegian roots and we both have a fascination of African music. It's the perfect match. We've been making some crazy beats together, they sound like nothing else!

And Baaba Maal?

Baaba Maal is one of my heroes so writing a song with him recently was an amazing experience. I was jamming a tune with Johan (The Very Best) and our friend Seye - then Baaba strolled into the room, sat on the sofa and we just started singing that opening chant together. It was surreal yet natural and really very magical in the room.

Can we expect more African inspiration in your music?

It's in my blood so yes!

Where to find your music?

My single 'The Blow' is out on iTunes now and you can watch the video here

Twitter: @yadiyadiyadi

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