February 2, 2013
#Interview #Fashion | Meet Cameroonian Designer Ulrich Djite

Ulrich Djite is the creative soul behind a new line of colorful and eclectic shirts and caps called The Djites.  Born and raised in Cameroon and now based in New York City, this entrepreneurial spirit and his new company are ready to take on the fashion world.  In this conversation, Djite talks about his beginning and his dreams. He also presents his most popular designs.

Afroziky: What is the Djites?

Ulrich Djite: The Djites is a clothing line that I created a couple of months ago. The Djites is more mature than my past projects; it is a fresh and uncommon reinvention of fashion in my own personal way. That's why I gave my last name to this collection. Putting The Djites in plural is a way for me to acknowledge all the people around me who inspired me. It’s a sort of tribute to them.

How long have you been designing?

I have 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. I started when I was 15 years old.

Where did you learn to draw?

When I was a child back in Douala, Cameroon (Africa), I was a huge fan of Marvel Comics, and I started drawing when I was a teenager. It was a big deal since it was the only way to communicate my ideas to people.

What inspires you?

Most of the time I get my inspiration from my dreams where I often see myself and other people dressed up with my designs that I never created in real life. I also see myself designing in my dreams and when I wake up, I have to realize my dream. And of course people I see and meet inspire me too.

What is your best seller right now?

The Snapbacks caps! They are on sale since July and almost sold out.

Snapback cap

What is the newest thing in stock?

It is the HL –SKY T-shirt.

HL-Sky T-Shirt
Which item do girls like?

The girls love the HL-Zebra T-shirt.

HL-Zebra T-Shirt

Which item do guys like?

Guys dig the TD-Mirror T-shirt.
TD-Mirror T-shirt

What do you think the ultimate valentine gift is?

 The nothing else matters Valentine’s card! Simple and cool!

Who is your favorite African artist right now?

Very difficult question ...I love and listen to a lot of them they're all so good and different butmy favorite of all time is Petit Pays. Right now I listen to Fally, P-Square, DJ Arafat, Les Nubians, Duc-Z, the list is long. I also like the new rapper from Bamako called Young Malik.

Fashion tip?

Dress to impress with The Djites! It's unique and uncommon; you will stand out of the boring crowd.

Where to find you?

In New York City, we are located at 1501 Undercliff Ave, suite 3A, New York, NY 10453
In Africa, find us at The Game Fashion Rue Po, Akwa, Douala Cameroon
We also have a website www.thedjites.com and we are on Social Media. Just Google “The Djites” and you will find us!

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