February 3, 2013
#Music #Opinion | 5 Reasons Why Tonto Dikeh Can Make It As A Singer

Tonto Dikeh can't sing, but so can't Rihanna or even P Square. Yet, those are some of the hottest pop stars in the entire planet. So even though Tonto was not blessed with musical talent and probably doesn't know the difference between falsetto and soprano, she might just become a hit maker in her own right.  You see, apparently it does not take a perfect pitch to succeed as a singer, but it does take everything else Tonto seems to have. So people can say what they want, but Poko can become a singing sensation! Here are 5 reasons why.

1- She is already a celebrity.
Tonto gets her fame from her raunchy movie roles. She always has blogs buzzing and people talking. She built a strong social media presence with many Twitter followers and Facebook likes to prove it. She has already secured a place on the spotlight, which is difficult to do even when you have talent. Being famous is the most important thing to have when trying to make it in the industry. Tonto doesn't have to worry about that.

2- She is not boring.
Tonto is daring, bad ass,crazy, shocking, interesting to watch, attractive, sexy, controversial, all that and way more. You want to watch her pretending to be a singer. Her acting talent also serves her well because she can act like she can sing and fool us all.

3- She already knows that when you can't really sing, do it sporadically!
It worked for Rihanna too! In Riri's 3 minutes and 33 seconds long We Found Love, she is completely silent for about one minute and 19 seconds.  She basically does not say a word for a third of her song. Poko seems to have gotten the memo because in her Itz Ova track, she gave most of the singing task to Snypa.

4- Even haters help.
3 days after the release of her first song, Tonto already has more than 70 thousands views. The good comments are rare but the views are there. There are some people who love Tonto, but there are also people who love to hate her. Since any publicity is good publicity, Poko is winning!

5- She can improve.
I know her very first song sucks terribly, but no one actually gets it right the first time. Tonto may not know much about music but she can learn. Tonto is able to get a vocal coach, a good producer, a better song writer and the perfect manager. She can work harder on this music thing and have us drop our jaws.

In my opinion, Tonto is a hard worker and I think she can be one of the best selling music artists from Nigeria. She is not the first pretty face who wants to be a singer but I feel that she can actually succeed. Itz Ova is just the beginning for the diva.

Picture Credit: ynaija.com

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