February 26, 2013
#Opinion #News | White model with fake tan is an ‘African Queen’ in Numéro Magazine
Here is Ondria Hardin, 16-year-old white model who was picked to pose in the March 2013 editorial by Numéro Magazine titled ‘African Queen.‘  Although I understand and appreciate the artistic vision that triggered such a choice, I still find the spread to be very offensive and discriminatory toward naturally bronzed girls or models of any other ethnicity. I think the most disturbing thing is the fact that the editorial piece was titled 'African queen' when the model is not African and does not naturally own this dark bronzed skin. There are many girls, who look exactely like that, trying to break into the modeling industry but they are just pushed to the side because they do not have that common white look. I do not understand why the magazine picked a white girl when this could have been an opportunity for a naturally bronzed girl (even non African) to finally be on the spotlight.


Picture credit: fashionbombdaily.com

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