March 6, 2013
#DRC #Interview | Lilas La Fleur

Soul/RnB singer Lilas La Fleur (@LilasLaFleur) recently released the video for the song "Ride You". The track and its video celebrate the Congolese traditional dance called Mutuashi.  In a mini interview, Lilas opens up about the song and her cool dance moves. Read Below!

Afroziky: Lilas la fleur is bringing Mutuashi back! That's something to celebrate!
Why did you decide to reveal that part of your Congolese culture?

Lilas: I am from the Luba tribe and Mutuashi is our traditional dance. My producer Vinnie sent me the beat and I just thought of my grandmother who used to dance Mutuashi professionally and I decided to write the song to honour her memory and show where I came from.

Where did you learn to dance Mutuashi so well?

I learned to dance when I was little, but I had to go back and work with a choreographer for about a year. I used to dance a lot when i was younger from classic to modern jazz, salsa and merengue. Mutuashi is in my blood.

Were people surprised by the song? This is not really what you usually do!

Yes most definitely!  After Girlfriend and my song with Roc Nation signee K Koke, everyone was surprised, but I wanted to know something different and I got the reaction I wanted and I also believe that as an artist it is good to be versatile.

It is the first time I see Lilas exuding sensuality and charisma in a video.
Is this something new for you?

Yes a little bit! People always say that I am a bit gangster when I perform, and they aren't into that tough attitude.  They say I am a beautiful woman and expect me to be sensual! (laugh) So I thought I would show people that I can be like that.

What is the song Ride You about?

Nothing dirty! (laugh) I am riding the dance Mutuashi but I purposely wrote the song like that just to play with people's mind

Would you teach me to dance Mutuashi?

Yes of course! (laugh)

What else are you working on right now?

I have this next single called Funky Dance, that I dedicated to Tina Turner. She is my favorite singer. We are in the process of finishing the project and I am hoping to release it by April with a wonderful and surprising video.

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