March 19, 2013
#Interview #Uganda | Lilian Mbabazi

It must definitely feel good to be Lilian Mbabazi (@lmbabazi )! With new music and a popular radio show, the Rwadan/Ugandan songstress, who saw her claim to fame as one-third of R&B supergroup Blu*3, is now forging a successful solo path. The East African beauty talks exclusively to Afroziky on her latest tracks, her relationship with her Blu*3 pals and upcoming projects.

Afroziky: Hello Lilian. How are you feeling?

Lilian Mbabazi: I’m great, thanks for asking.

So you have some new hits getting airplay right now! Tell me about these songs.

Yes I do. Dagala remix is a love song originally written by Moze Radio and recorded by Radio & Weasel. I’ve laways loved that song and when the opportunity came along to do a remix and put my own spin on it, I jumped at the chance.

My other track Get Out The Door is a feisty ‘girl power’ type anthem that I wrote and recorded with Cindy and Ekky. It’s basically a song about taking control of your life and empowering yourself as a woman to not sell yourself short. The idea is that if there’s any negativity in your life whatever it is, it’s got to go, hence ‘get out the door’. The track was produced by Aethan and Samurae.

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You are also on the radio as a host in Uganda. Tell me about your radio show.

Yes I have radio show on Radio City 97FM called ‘The Mid-Morning Magazine’ with my colleague Peace. We’re on air Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 3pm. It’s basically a lifestyle show where we discuss all sorts of topics and of course play a lot of music.

If you had to choose between doing radio and singing what would you choose?

Definitely singing comes first for me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s my passion. But I also love being on radio and interacting with listeners/callers. I have a lot of fun doing both.

What else are you working on?

The main thing I’m working on is getting my album together. I really am taking my time with it. I don’t want to rush it. So I’m busy recording music with various producers trying to get my sound right and then it\s all about putting the album together. I’m also working on my live act with my band the Sundowners (@TheSundownersUG). I love performing live; there’s nothing like interacting with the audience directly and getting their instant feedback to your performance.

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How is your relationship with your Blu*3 pals Jackie, Cindy and Mya ? Do you girls hang out?

It’s really good. I do hang out with Cindy a bit from time to time. But we’re all so busy pursuing our solo projects so we don’t see as much of each other as we would like I guess.

Is Blu*3 coming back?

We never left. We’ll always be Blu*3 girls even though we’re now working on our solo projects. Blu*3 had a profound effect on all of us and without it we wouldn’t be where we are today I don’t think. It gave us a platform, an audience, loyal fans and the chance to travel and perform in places people would only dream of.

What do you feel that you gained as a solo artist and could not have as a member of a group?

The thing about performing solo is that there’s nowhere to hide. It’s all on you. So for me going solo has made me a better singer, a better performer and has really boosted my confidence when it comes to performing in front of an audience. As a solo artist you’re also more in control of the kind of music you put out. In a group it’s a collaborative effort and sometimes you have to compromise and put out music you’re not necessarily entirely comfortable with.

What do you miss about being part of a group?

I miss the camaraderie. Hanging out with girls and the laughter.

Any Last word?

Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you to my fans for all their love and support. They’re the best. Without them, then this would not be happening.

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