March 1, 2013
#MarchWithTito #Interview | Tito Valery, Part I - The Bio

In Cameroon, Chifor Tito Valery (@Titoval) is THE entertainment guru. From hosting to photography, Tito always has that cool effect that makes him one of the best at what he does. In his country, he is undeniably a powerful inspiration to a large and growing fan base that crosses genders, ethnicities, and even demographics. Dreadlocked, a killer smile, a swag like never seen before, plus a smart brain and a creative mind to match, what’s not to like about this native of Bamenda (English speaking part of Cameroon), who now runs the big cities of Douala and Yaounde? There are so many great things to know about this young African mover and shaker and we couldn’t just make it a one-part interview. So we are kick-starting a weekly series during the month of March and dubbing it MarchWithTito.  This month, we are embarking on a steady walk led by Tito. Let's go!

To warm up, Tito let us get to know him as a person, from his favorite drink to his flaws and of course, the hustle. Enjoy!

Afroziky: Who is Tito Valery?

Tito: Tito is an African from Camer, who tries to make people happy through what he does.

How is 2013 treating you?

2013 has been good so far... Let's do what it takes to keep it that way and even better why not..

What’s the hustle? What projects are you working on?

IDEA ltd the Production company I manage at the Muna foundation is producing my next TV show.  On African Urban entertainment( movers and achievers), some animal documentaries for National Geographic, some music videos and commercials. Also setting up a Production partnership with some friends based in the UK. I'm currently working on my next photo exhibition for May at the IFC (institut Francais former centre culturel francais yde) and in June in a renowned Gallery (I can't speak of just yet) in Douala. Then Johannesburg and Gaborone Botswana at the end of the year.

Are you a superstar?


What is the best thing about you?

I'm real, I'm Godfearing.

What is the worst thing about you?

I'm unpredictable.

End this sentence: When it comes to business I…

Am learning.

What is your favorite drink?

It’s called "Titonic" - vodka, applejuice, Blacklabel and two slices of lime.

What is the best weekend ever?

2006 December, [I went to] Kribi with a bunch of pals. [We] rented a villa, and just went wild for 3 straight days. I still got shivers just reminiscing.

Who inspires you?

The successful African Entrepreneur (sports, entertainment, art, etc). There are many...

Read the second part of this interview here. On the menu, music, music and more music. Tito talks about Maurice Kirya and hip hop.

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