March 15, 2013
#MarchWithTito #Interview | Tito Valery, Part III - The Style talk

This month, we are still marching with Cameroonian entertainer, artist and pop culture enthusiast Tito Valery and if you have not been part of the steady walk until now, learn more about this fun journey here and here. Then come back to get some fashion inspiration from Tito’s heterogeneous look which involves a head full of dreads, a penchant for well-tailored suits and anything else that puts the “Y” on his flyness. Plus, will Tito ever cut off his dreads? And which love of his life has her name tattooed on him? Find the answer below!

Is it still odd for a man to want to look super good?

Not for me. If you feel good, make a statement. Inspire others, look super good!

How would you define your style?

Eclectic is my style.

Street Wear or suit and tie?

Suit and tie!

Your look is never complete without...

The right pair of shades. I collect Ray Ban wayfarers.

What is the most luxurious item you own?

A Patek Philip time piece.

Do you have a style icon?

Not really. I admire well-dressed men: Idris Elba, Kanye West, Seal and Jay Z for the effortless swag and for making the suit and tie work for ghetto baggy-wearing rappers. If I had to pick one icon, I would say Kanye, because I feel that he is one step ahead all the time. So…KW!

Tell me about your locks as part of your style.

My locks contrast my looks. It’s always a kick to see the astonishment and admiration when I rock a tailored suit and matching bow tie and cardigan, with the dreads. Just tips it off!

Will you ever go through a big chop off?

Of course I will go through a big chop off. If it’s worth it.

What is your favorite fashion accessory?

My fav fash access is... I'm hesitation between a muffler (scarf) or the shades. Why? Coz it puts the "Y" in fly. (Laughing)!

How do you feel about your tattoos?

My tattoos express episodes of my life.

What is your favorite tattoo?

My favorite tatt’ is my late dog "phoenix" a half bred American Staffordshire terrier, usually called “Pit-bull”. I miss her.


Pericings yup! Nose, ears and ....

Favorite cologne?

Indisputably "Le Male" by Jean Paul Gaultier. I wore Fahrenheit by Christain Dior for a loooong while but MJPG is discreetly expressive.

You feel like a million CFA when...

...When a client signs us (IDEA ltd) a 6 digit figure check!

Final fashion tip for men who want to look as fresh as you?

Fashion tip? Be CLEAN! Feel good, look good. Be you!

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