March 8, 2013
#MarchWithTito #Interview | Tito Valery , part II - Music Convo

It is Friday again! And as part of our "March with Tito" month, we are getting to know a Kamer pop culture enthusiast. If you haven't read the first part, find it HERE before we dive into the topic of music. With experience as a DJ, music consultant, music show host and a new video production company called IDEA, you'd better believe that Tito knows a thing or two about Music. Find out below!

Afroziky: Who is running the music game right now?

Tito Valery: The mainstream labels! They are dictating what we listen to. Independent music is in a coma!

Give me 2 music genres you enjoy listening to?

Nu soul and Reggae.

10 songs in your current playlist?

Jovi "New Star",  Adele" Fire to the Rain", Kanye West "Blame Game", Boudor "Nangaboko", Macklemore an Ryan" Thriftshop", Morgan Heritage "I'm coming home" , Miguel "how many drinks", Usher"Lessons for the lover",Youssopha" Menace de mort" and 2face " raindrops".

You only dance when…

...The beat is infectious!

Best concert you have ever been to?

Maurice kiriya at the Centre Culturel Francais in Douala in 2010.
The Maurice Kirya experience is the proof that with hard work and dream-chasing, you will get you to the top. I had the unique privilege of interviewing Maurice Kirya on my show on STV when he was touring Africa right after his RFI award. 4 months later, CNN was broadcasting a special on him. I felt special. "Wooye" and "Misubaawa" were rotating on radios in New Orleans, Denver, the UK and France.
Plus, I got to take some exclusive pics of him. Epic!

Best female voice?

Asa! She doesn't sound like anyone.  Ayo is ayo. Nneka is Nneka but Asa is Africa.  A Nigerian born in France, who sings in her mother language, plays the guitar, composes, writes and has a voice that sends you searching for a "sound-alike". She is the Keziah Jones and Angie stone of our time. Plus, I got to meet her in lagos, she's cool.

Best song ever?

Jahcure " call on me"!

Hottest rapper of all times?


1 artist you have not met yet, but would love to meet? Why?

Kanye West - I think we are alike in many many ways! 
We are both passionate people.

Favorite music lyric (quote, name of song, name of singer)?

"They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice, I say the blacker the berry, the deeper the roots.." From Tupac's "keep you head up", an ode to black women all over the world.

What is so cool about Hip Hop?

Hip hop is visual. You can see yourself or somebody you know in most lyrics. Hiphop is Black originated.

What about beefs in hip hop?

Beef is Obsolete. We have enough controversies and wars. Music is made to ease and entertain. Beef is made to be EATEN!

And about sexual content and objectifying women in hip hop?

Again, sexual content is not necessary but sells because men are voyeurs and the modern society has gradually accepted nudity and blames it on hip hop. The music is scapegoat to the evolution of voyeurism.

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