March 21, 2013
#News #Music | MTV Base launches #AfricaAllStars + First voting statistics

54 countries wide with a crowd of over 1 billion people, Africa is an extremely diverse place with a variety of cultures, music and tastes. Finding one person (or group of people) who can be recognized as the most inspiring and entertaining artist by the entire African community (and the world) is not possible! But MTV Base (@mtvbaseafrica) begs to differ as they launch The MTV Africa All Stars. Fans are welcome to vote for their favorite artists by simply commenting on mtvbase.com or on social media using the hashtag  #AfricaAllStars! From a first look at this competition, there are no rules or restrictions so far. Just vote for your favorite African artist!

The Africa All Stars campaign was introduced early on March 17 and we can already see some trends. As of March 21st at 8:00 PM (Universal time), here are some cool voting facts.

First to get a vote on mtvase.com : Zone Fam  4 days ago

First to hit a two digits number of voters on mtvbase.com: Black Coffee

Most mentioned on twitter with #AfricaAllStars: D-Black (@dblack) with 21 mentions (same tweet/same user included)

Biggest hustler so far: D-Black (@dblack)

First to represent East Africa: Camp Mulla

First to get a vote on Twitter with #AfricaAllStars: D'banj on March 17th

First to represent West Africa: Habib Koite on mtvbase.com and D'banj on Twitter

Top 5 on mtvbase.com so far:

#5 - Sarkodie | 5 votes

#4 - D-Black | 6 votes

#3 - Burna Boy | 7 votes*

#2 - Zone Fam | 7 votes*

#1 - Black Coffee | 63 votes

* If you wonder why Zone Fam is at the second spot and Burna Boy isn't, the trends showed that Zone Fam was most likely voted by more than 1 person while Burna Boy seems to have been voted by the same person in a repetition manner.

I hope you are all excited, I know I am, so let's go, vote and represent for Africa! Here is a shortcut: check out the Twitter convo about the #AfricaAllStars below and quickly cast your vote!

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