April 9, 2013
#Video #AfroBeat | What's up with the awkward release of Magasco's 'Kumba Market' Video?

There is a video that has been flotting online featuring Kamer hip hop front rhymer Magasco for the song 'Kumba Market.' We had talked about the fine tune weeks ago and were very excited about the release of its visuals. Today, an alleged official video was dropped in the most awkward way raising suspicions on whether this is a delayed April foolery, just a very long teaser or a sign of serious trouble.

In the clip, a pretty little 'thang' has Magasco sweat over money. She is apparently expecting the poor guy to show his love by showering her with expensive gifts. Not that easy to do as Magasco seems to be a simple baggage transporter in Kumba Market, the popular location where most of the scenes for the vid are shot.

As awesome as the track 'Kumba Market' is, the video failed to meet the same standard. There is an obvious struggle between glamorizing or ghettofying the concept. The envelop could have been pushed a bit further with more thug life ambiance. Pointers should have been taken from Jovi's "Don 4 Kwat" which beautifully illustrated what 'Kumba Market" failed to show.

It is still uncertain whether this is actually the official video, first because it doesn't say so. Secondly, the video was officially set to be released at the end of the month, not today. On Mumak official Facebook page, no Kumba Market video is promoted. The most recent status posted an hour before the release of this article reads, "We will never compromise on quality. The #MuMaKPromise". This statement probably indicates that Mumak couldn't have settled for the poor job done on this video and we are happy to hear that! Still, all these inconsistencies suggest some serious trouble in the Mumak camp. With Jovi surprisingly leaving Mumak last year, and Magasco rebelling, things are definitely not looking good for CEO Jules Nya. Since the beginning, Mumak Records has been doing an incredible job producing some of the best Cameroonian hits, but as it transpires here, it ain't that easy.

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  1. plz next tym when shotx up a scene plz verified it so well bfor proceed wit the editx see the guy wit red men he mess it totally what the fuck he has spoil the video totally and secondly u cld hv put gud clth but not all scene u cld hv dress same way...boy small swag for bi sep nohh mboa''';;;;sup kamer ### gud luck



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