May 21, 2013
#News #Music | 'Grown Woman' Beyonce dropped a West African Jam?!?

Beyonce has finally dropped  her most talked about song "Grown Woman."  Actually it was leaked but, baby, baby, baby...this was worth the wait! This is the definition of AFRO-POP music.

Bey had the genius idea to go somewhere in West Africa to recruit that super hip vibe which includes awesome hand and stick claps plus a so sick Mbira sound. When you pay close attention, you can hear some Afrobeat a la Fela Kuti, but it's that Konono #1-like electric instrumentation that takes over the whole track. And as icing on the cake, the powerful Malinké chant by Guinean Ishmael “Bonfils” Kouyate, of the Broadway musical "Fela", puts the essential finish on the masterpiece! Kudos to producer Timbaland!

I had to go to my Malinke peeps to know what Bonfils is singing about. I had the chance to chat with Bonfils' brother, Ben Kouyate, who translated the Malinke part as being about " a man who's going to help somebody in a farm and they will pay him with a woman with a big butt."  Oh well, I am not surprised. 

More details on this awesome track are coming soon! For now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy until it is completely yanked off every single website!

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