June 16, 2013
#Interview #Zambia | Roberto talks Music, Radio and challenges

Roberto is an award winning Zambian star who has shared stage with the finest in the music industry, including Grammy winning rapper EVE. The singer  songwriter and producer, who is based in Lusaka - Zambia, now also has a radio show as he juggles with his music. He is also part of the duo called UZ47 with Ugandan artist Allan Toniks. With UZ47's hit single “Swag Meter” that topped Charts in East and Southern Africa, Afroziky’s Kamie Jimmie King had a chat with the artist about his experiences and his most recent release.

Afroziky: Who is Roberto?

Roberto is a Zambian R&B artist, song writer, producer, radio presenter and Record Company Executive, but above all a God fearing ambitious gentleman.

Is Zambia your stage name too?

No, Zambia is just my social media last name to make it easy for people to recognize me from the many ROBERTOS online and in the music industry worldwide.

Tell us about your music foundation?

Well my music really dates back to my childhood days, growing up in a family that took everything in music seriously, I fell in love with music at a tender and it has been a soul companion since.

Which radio station do you work at and how do you juggle music & radio?

Oh yes I do, it is crazy juggling radio and music and lately school has come into play so it’s even crazier now, but I have learnt to divide my time and be strict on how I spend my time. I work for radio Qfm in Zambia as a Drive-time host.

How do you handle the pressure on the continent because honestly, today with digital music promotion, everyone wants to blow up on the African music scene?

Yes it's true the continent is buzzing with great talent, and I see the music industry in Africa like trading at a town centre. So many stores but all trading in the same items, however if you just have one store why have a town centre.  I know I will bring a lot of energy and a new look to the music industry in Africa.

Any latest songs this year?

Wow!! This year is a ROBERTO Year, I have a new song for 2013 called EPONABA. The song is in three languages Nyanja, Bemba and some English on the bridge. It's my 2nd 2013 release and I will have many other great tracks coming out this year, so yeah be on the lookout.

Tell us more about the new songs.

Regarding the song EPONABA, it is a reminder to women that they must remember the men that help them ensure that they look great. At times a woman would revive a compliment because they look good but forget to say it’s my husband or boyfriend who bought this for me, so it's a bit of a comical song. The other songs are about love, hurt, appreciation of our outcries and the African continent.

 What kind of music is in your iPod now?

If you browsed through my music library you will find lots of Afrobeat, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Mariah, RL of next, General Ozzy and Tamar Braxton.

What is your relationship with other Zambian & African artists?

I would describe it as fruitful, I learn a lot from other artists here and we share a lot of similar ideas so it’s easy to relate with the many artists we have in our industry.

Any challenges you have found in the industry?

Oh yes... many! In any business, it's never easy to place your footing anywhere. I have faced several challenges local and internationally. Some are quite demotivating but you always have to remind yourself that standout from the rest you have to always be on your feet to progress.

Any Last word to your fans?

Am truly grateful and so humbled by my ever growing fan base across the globe, and as I embark on my African tour in a few months I hope to deliver nothing but the best, and build a stronger bond with the people that love and treasure my music.

Listen to the track Eponaba here

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