June 2, 2013
#Somalia #Interview | Faarrow talk music making and being positive role models for Somalia

Faarrow (@faarrow) is made of Siham and Iman, 2 hip sisters who have an insatiable appetite for pop music with more than a dash of Afro-centrism. As the girls enjoy the positive feedback received from their colorful just-dropped single "Rule The World", they are also concocting more awesome stuff in music and even fashion, to be unveiled sooner than you think. Until then, Faarrow offers us some girls talk about Somalia, being positive role models and the music making process. Read below!

Afroziky: What is so cool about Somalia?

Siham: We have amazing food and a rich culture. I don't know if "cool" is really the right word to describe Somalia in the present day but we're a part of a new generation that aims to bring a positive change.

Iman: With that said, even post war Somalia is still really beautiful.

Do you have family there still?

Iman: Yea, we have a lot of family still in Somalia, aunts, uncles, cousins.

Do you feel pressure to be positive role models for other Somalis and refugees?

Siham: I wouldn't call it pressure. It's more of an obligation. Although everyone's interpretation of a "good role model" is different, we just strive to do everything with purpose and a sincere heart. Our driving force is Somalia and that will never change.

What message do you send to Somalia through your music?

Iman: We have a song called "Never Forgotten" talking about us never forgetting the people we left back home and that we will always be a voice for them. Whether it's a song we are specifically talking about Somalia or not, the overall theme is just doing what you want to do and not waiting around to make a change in your own life or the world.

Though you can be seen as pop artists, you expose your audience to a diversity of musical styles. Does it have to do with your cultural background?

Siham: For sure! We always try to add undertones of Africa in our music. That's why we refer to it as 'World Pop'!

As sisters, how does the music making process work?

Siham: We just bounce ideas off of each other. We know each other's voices and who sounds better in certain parts of a song. It's not about ego or getting more parts, it's all about who's better for it. That's when being sisters becomes an asset lol we can't quit on each other even if we get mad.

Tell me a little bit about your most recent release "Rule the World!"

Iman: For "Rule The World," it all came together so organically. We worked on 90% of our upcoming E.P with Elijah Kelley who also Produced and co wrote "Rule The World". We wanted something that was fresh and a fusion of all of our influences.

What is the next step?

Siham: We're releasing our 'FAARROW' E.P really soon and shooting more videos. Different opportunities are coming our way everyday and it's really been amazing. We have upcoming collabs in fashion and music that you will see soon. So stay tuned on www.faarrow.com!

Pictures: Faarrow.com

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