June 23, 2013
#Videos #Gabon | Nicole Amogho & Arnold Djoud on some Bantu ish

Today I am bringing you some awesome African vibes from Gabon aka Gabao! I know a lot of us Africans are into the type of music most of us would call "Afropop", which is a mix of American pop music, electro music sometimes, and African rhythms. From my observation of the new African Urban scene, I have noticed that "Afropop" is starting to lose some originality. We are starting to hear the same things from the same people, and others who have blindly jumped on the bandwagon. Consequently, the music is starting to lack its African authenticity. But thank god, there are some great artists who have found the right balance between traditional and urban. This is the type of music I would coin "Tribal-pop" because it is still popular music but it comes from our roots. In this case the roots are Bantu and if you take an active listen, you will enjoy the tradi-modernist approach taken by these two musicians. Listen to this!

Nicole Amogho - Dâ

Arnold Djoud - A cause de...

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