July 6, 2013
#Angola #Opinion | Rapper Neide Sofia Dropped from her Band Because She is Pregnant! Is This Fair?

Here at Afroziky, we love love love the very  fabulous pop/hip-hop all ladies quintet Afrikanas. Their first single, released in 2012 and entitled “Scalinguindon” was an awesome starter. The girls are even nominated in the Afro beat House category at the 2013 Angola Music Awards.

However, it is not all “happy happy” among the girls, as one of the rappers of the crew, Neide Sofia was cut out. In an interview with the Angolan entertainment news platform platinaline.com, Neide talks about this situation.

Neide said she was very surprised to learn that she was dropped from the group because of her pregnancy. The producer of Afrikanas revealed that she will not be part of the group while being pregnant. The other girls of the group expressed their love for Neide, saying that the Mom-to-be is a valuable part of the group.

Neide herself reported that she never signed any contract preventing her from getting pregnant while being a member of Afrikanas. She  added that she is not undergoing a risky pregnancy, and the doctors have not told her about any complications. Neide also reassured her fans that she will keep working, even as a solo artist.

Is it okay for a woman to be put aside because she is pregnant?

This is a tricky situation. I understand that it can be difficult to work with a pregnancy, but I think only the pregnant woman should decide whether she wants to keep working or not. As women, we give life, that is what is special about us. And if I were pregnant, working around my pregnancy is the least people could do. Pregnancy can be difficult, but it is still not a handicap. It is pretty sad that it is used as an excuse to discriminate.

It may not be easy, but it is possible to still work while being pregnant. If you watched the reality show starring American gospel singers Mary Mary, then you saw both sisters working until the very last moments of their pregnancies (watch Tina performing while pregnant here). I am not saying everybody can have an easy pregnancy, but we should  let the future mother make her decision after consulting a doctor of course. There is always a way to make it work. Shunting a woman because she is  pregnant should never be accepted.

Do you agree with Afrikanas’ manager and his decision to drop Neide because she is pregnant? Share your thoughts!

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