August 5, 2013
#Zambia #ZoneFamTweetChat | Tweet Chat with Zambian Hip Hop Group Zone Fam

Zone Fam is one of the hottest Hip Hop crews in Zambia. Deriving their name from a studio they frequented in their earlier days called 'The Zone', the group consists of four individuals; Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung Verbal and Thugga. Zone Fam is responsible of some of the hottest hip hop tracks from Zambia such as Shaka Zulu On Em and Contolola. Afroziky had a chance to tweet chat with the boys on a Monday morning via the hashtag #ZoneFamTweetChat. We talked about their Monday schedule, their inspirations and whether or not they have already paid Lobola, which is the bride price. Check out the conversation below!

@Afrozikydotcom: Where are you guys right now? Home? Studio?

@ZoneFam: Hi, we are at home...resting!

@Afrozikydotcom: Busy day?

@ZoneFam: Mostly Spent in the studio, yes!

@Afrozikydotcom: Cool! When was you guys' big break in the hip hop scene?

@ZoneFam: Our big break in Hip Hop was in 2009 when we released our first Mixtape Prd 
@projektcancer #TheFullScript

@Afrozikydotcom: How did it feel to finally make it?

@ZoneFam: We never get to that point where we feel that we made it. We are always working and striving for more!

@Afrozikydotcom: Where do you get inspiration from, when it comes to your music?

@ZoneFam: We draw our inspiration from a lot of people and places...but firstly we inspire each other. Music & Life!

@Afrozikydotcom: Were you influenced by any hip hop artist growing up? Who made you want to do this?

@ZoneFam: We were inspired by artists such as Jay Z,B.I.G, Tupac, Nas & local artists such as Daddy Zemus, PK Chishala.

@Afrozikydotcom: So Far, #Contolola (http://youtu.be/sJR5OpI1zHE ) has been one of your biggest hits! What is the track about?

@ZoneFam: Contolola is all about having a good time and TAKING OVER!

@Afrozikydotcom: In your music, we feel that you are still very connected to your roots! How important is it to rep #Zambia #Africa?

@ZoneFam: It is very important to stay rooted! We stay connected with local fans while creating a global appeal.

@Afrozikydotcom: What do you enjoy the most as entertainers?

@ZoneFam: We enjoy recording, performing and mostly when the fans show love!

@Afrozikydotcom: What is the biggest misconception people have about @ZoneFam?

@ZoneFam: There are a lot of misconceptions...one of the biggest is that everything was handed to us...we worked hard!

@Afrozikydotcom: Which advice would you give to people who are trying to be like you guys?

@ZoneFam: An advice we would give our peers trying to make is, keep it up & believe in yourself!

@Afrozikydotcom: It is Monday Morning! What do you guys have scheduled for today?

@ZoneFam: Today we are promoting @jayrox05 New Single ft. @Dope_G and in the studio cooking up a storm!

@Afrozikydotcom: Congrats on your nomination at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards @NEAAWARDS!!! Are you flying to the U.S. for the event?

@ZoneFam: @NEAAWARDS It would be a honor to travel for the awards,we are happy that we get to represent our country!

@Afrozikydotcom: What do you guys like to do when you aren't in music mode?

@ZoneFam:  Its very rare that we are not in #MusicMode but when we not doing music we like to hangout & have fun etc!

@Afrozikydotcom: What about going to the club and dance to your own music!?

@ZoneFam:  Haha once in a while, yes! #Contolola

@Afrozikydotcom: Has any of you guys paid #Lobola (http://snd.sc/15GNmsh ) already?

@ZoneFam: Well none of us have paid #Lobola yet...maybe in the near future!

@Afrozikydotcom: Your song #Lobola is another club banger! Is #Lobola still a common practice in #Zambia?

@ZoneFam: #Lobola is still very much so a common practice in our Country #Zambia - We hope to shoot a video soon!

@Afrozikydotcom: Yes! A video would be #great! Is there an African artist you would love to do a collabo with?

@ZoneFam: We recently got to work with @HipHopPantsula. Also looking forward to working with @Iceprincezamani & more.

@Afrozikydotcom: We definitely notice the ascension! What should we wish you for the future?

@ZoneFam: Wish us all the best as we go on this journey for Country and Continent! African Music is going Global!

@Afrozikydotcom: Thanks, will keep checking you out on twitter and more... Also, we wish you to always #ShakaZuluOnEm

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