September 4, 2013
#Video #Senegal | Adiouza sings skin bleaching and wigs wearing in 'Li Ma Doon'

Senegalese pop sensation Adiouza redefines herself as a supporter of natural black beauty through the lyrics of her latest song Li Ma Doon. In the song, Adiouza sings that she is tired of buying wigs and make-up, "I am bleaching my skin and wearing wigs to look like Beyonce [and] Nickie Minaj (...) I say no, I won't change myself, I am proud of myself, I should believe in myself and understand that I am not Beyonce [or] Rihanna."

In the video, Adiouza sports different wigs including a pink one and attempts to do Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance. The video was directed by Senegal's top production company Gelongal.

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