October 29, 2013
#TVshow | Amina Buddafly, the man snatcher on Love & Hip Hop NY is from Senegal too?

Everybody who follows the American reality show Love & Hip Hop probably knows that a new season kick-started on Monday, October 28. This time again, the stories are crazy, but the one cast member who gets everyone talking on this season's premiere is the new chick "Amina Buddafly".

So, girlfriend says she was born in Germany where she was part of a R&B group with her sisters. The girls came to America to make it big in the music industry but then, the sisters got pregnant and they went back to Germany. Amina stayed behind to realize her dream.

Her real name is "Aminata Schmahl" and she was raised in Hamburg, Germany, by a Senegalese father and a German mother.

On this season of Love & Hip Hop New York, Amina has decided to get romantically/sexually involved with her manager rapper Peter Gunz, who is in a long time relationship with his baby mother, with whom he shares two kids. Amina knows Gunz is more than taken but the girl says she loves him, and she is always trying to make him spend time with her. Then she tells her lover, "I do not make you choose between your family and me." But, yet she announces that she is married to Peter Gunz as she displays a Ms. Pankey tattoo (Gunz real last name is Pankey).

Is this a way for her to get our attention? Is this how she is trying to boost her career? No news on whether she is closed to her father since she doesn't seem to carry an African last name. But we once again have to wonder. What does daddy think of this messy mess? Well he probably doesn't live in the U.S. and may not even speak English, so Aminata may be off the hook, for now!

Watch Love & Hip Hop on Mondays on VH1.

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