November 1, 2013
#Beauty | 5 reasons why we love SA's Albino Model Thando Hopa

Thando Hopa is more than a top model, she is a role model. The South African albino beauty did not let her struggle, in a culture that associates albinism to witchcraft and any other negative stereotypes, stop her. We just completely fell in love with her and here are 5 reasons why.

1- She is beautiful, pure and simple!
From her beautiful  eyes to her flawless skin and her full lips, Hopa is simply that, beautiful. 

2- She is set to run the fashion industry.
Hopa was deemed the “new face of fashion” and "fashion's new colour," in South Africa early this year.

3- She is breaking boundaries. 
She is defying prejudice with her beauty, bringing her own contribution to a more accepting world.

4- She is more than a pretty face, sister is smart too!
The 23 year-old is a full-time legal prosecutor by day. 

5- She is determined to give albinism a more positive connotation.
"I now realize that I have a platform to inspire young girls, and as someone who never had a role model who looked like me when I was growing up, I now hope to be able to show that albinism can be beautiful and is just another kind of normal." she tells graziadaily.

Photographer Justin Dingwall
Make-up by Lyn Kennedy

2 messages:

  1. I was certainly pleasantly surprised with this piece. I hope to see more of her in major designer runway shows. I wonder how she first got into modeling. Do you know her story when it comes to that?

  2. This is a great article of defying what most would call beauty because of a stereotype. Un doubtably she is beautiful but if people couldn't get past the stereotype of witchcraft they would have never given her a chance to shine!



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