February 20, 2014
#HipHop | Rapper Sol'e Shares his Jazzy Hip Hop Experience on Web Docu "Sol'Art System"

Innovative Rapper Sol’e has dedicated the year 2014 to the expansion of his artistic realm. As he warmly embraces the fusion of hip hop and jazz, Sol’e is meticulously furnishing his upcoming album and rehearsing for his live performances. This isn't merely someone who got into hip hop for the money and the groupies; Sol’e is a true visionary who will exhaust countless ideas in order to clasp the most amazing sonic experiences. As he goes through this musical journey, Sol’e is taking fans and newcomers with him via a 6-episode-long web documentary entitled Sol’Art System. Sol’Art System will give an unscripted in-depth look at the rapper’s work, including the recording of his jazz-rap album and rehearsals for the equally jazzed up live hip hop show. Viewers also have a chance to get close and personal with the artist as he tells his story with music and shares his vision in short interviews. 

“I am very excited and proud to be in a position to lead this new project,” says Sol’e.  “This web-documentary captures the essence of what I have been working hard for; the public will be able to witness the power of a jazz-rap fusion” he enthuses. Check out the 1st episode of the web docu below in French with English subtitles

Sol’e was born in the early 80s in Cote d'Ivoire. In his teen years, he gains his first exposure to hip Hhop along with computer aided music so little trivialized then. In 2011 Sol’e finds initial success in Amer – an afropolitan collective of artists with whom he releases several albums and shares the stage. Deciding to grow musically, in 2013 Sol’e assembles a musical quartet that he names The Sol’Art System – just like the web documentary. Sol’e is presently working with his band to deliver his jazzy hip hop music and to perform live as “Sol’e and The Sol’Art System”.

As part of the Sol’Art System experience, Sol’e released the hip hop version of the song “Entre Culture et Rêve” (Ecer), which means between culture and dream. The track depicts the life of a young African who dreams of making music. However, his cultural background and his dream are incompatible. Here he is now, nailed between culture and dream. Produced by Djess Panebo, Ecer is also featured in the web documentary and fans will soon enjoy a jazz version. For now, listen to the original track here.

Visit www.soleofficiel.com for the latest on the "Sol'Art System" experience
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