February 7, 2014
#SoHip | Take your African Print Dress From Church to an Afternoon Outing

You can always find ways to change up your style a bit and take your fave piece of clothing to different settings. The 2 looks below are only meant to inspire you to make an item work for different occasions. Remember that beautiful African print dress you have? In case you have ran out of style options for it, here are some that will take you to church and to an afternoon outing with your girls.

Sunday morning, take yourself to church on beige stilettos with a croc print leather bag, a gold a gold chain collar necklace and purple nails. Do not forget your Ghana hand fan. Then later, you can meet your girls at the local billiard spot. Grab a sleeveless jacket (you may get a long one if you feel that it will get chilly by the time you get back home), put on your Fulani or any exotic earrings you have, comfy boots, a nude lipstick and you are all set. You will always look colorful without trying too hard.

African Print Dress - Church Look

African Print Dress - Afternoon Outing Look

African print dress - stephen-yong
Beige stilettos - Shiekh
Ghana Hand Fan - popscreen
Gold Chain Necklace - dhgate
Leather Boots - weheartit

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  1. Thank you for liking the Ella Valentine Madison Handbag in Ostrich Print - we're loving the Church look..! -Ella Valentine



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