July 29, 2014
★★★★ Ambé entices with new track "Rendez-Vous"

Ambé, formely known as Denzyl, came back with a hot new single which opens with a riff so representative of Cameroonian culture you'll wonder how we made it through years of Camer pop music without this track. The swagger is as surprising as it is enticing. Enriched with the lively throb of Benskin, “Rendez-Vous” is nothing less than Camer’s hottest track to date.

3 messages:

  1. le son ci a le ton joukaaaaaaaaaaa on ne peut pas telecharger?

  2. Miss Afroziky you only promotes some artists but what about other artists? We need variety, why do you always promote the same people? And you should help Cameroonians more!But promote good music. not messed up shit like this!



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