August 18, 2014
Press Release #Cameroon | DeeJae Vybz & Fluri Boys deliver "Wadjo"

“Wadjo” is an afro-pop sensation by DeeJae Vybz (@deejae_vybz) of the NXG crew featuring FLURI Boyz (@fluri_boyz). After collaborating on the hit track “Marabou”, which is still making much wave in the country, both parties decided it was high time another hit came to life. In this tune, the boys use the “Cam-Franglais” which is a common language used in Cameroon and french speaking Africa. “Wadjo” which stands for “Cattle rearer” tells the story of a boy who falls in love with Nyango and starts walking from place to place like a cattle rearer searching for his love.Enjoy!!!

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