August 8, 2014
#SoHip | Azonto, Gweta, Kukere, Lipala,...How Trendy Are These Crazes?

The music was pumped up and the dance floor was never empty. We dropped the necessary sweat and dove into the hype. We abided by the many crazes and danced like there was no tomorrow. But which cool moves will we keep exercising? And which ones are we leaving in the past?

In an attempt to answer the question, we’ve checked out what’s trending on the googlesphere. We were able to get some pretty accurate numbers for 3 west African dance crazes: Azonto, Kukere and Gweta. The trends have it that Azonto, which met its all time high in the summer of 2012, is slowly losing popularity but not fast enough. Chances are we will still be doing our Azonto next year. Kukere, which never saw the same success Azonto did, is about to fade away. But the people of Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, where the craze captivates most people, might be able to save the booty shakes. Gweta, the side to side shuffle created by the Togolese duo Toofan, is making people dance more and more. It may become the next African dance craze. We are hoping Sauti Sol’s Lipala dance becomes a thing as well, but it is too early to call.

Look at the graph of interest over time below courtesy of Google Trends.


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  1. Who cares about dancing when we are crying because of Ebola after #BringBackOurGirls? I do not want to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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