August 28, 2014
#Uganda #Interview | Cindy Sanyu Talks Nude Photos, "They Were Real!"

It's been over 7 years that Ugandan pop singer Cindy Sanyu's naked pictures were publicly released to her embarrassment. Unfortunately for her, as a celebrity, the past always seems to come back to haunt her. In an interview with standardmedia Sanyu talked about the scandal again.

Yes they were my real photos. I still don’t know. But a week before they leaked, I had lost my camera and I didn’t report it to the police because I didn’t think much about it and I think whoever got the camera leaked them. A week before they were published, one of the writers from Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper called me asking for money or else they would publish the photos. I wouldn’t pay them so they went ahead and published them.

Before you take naked pictures, remember it may get in the wrong hands.

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