January 27, 2015
#SoHip #Style | Would You Go for Hot Pink Lips?

Hot pink lips seem to be a fun make up trend. Punchy bright lips fit well in tropical weather, but making this look work isn't always easy.

Our bright lip expert say:

***People with darker complexions should go for subtle toned lipstick.***

***Try shades on before buying to make sure that they really do suit you.***

***Use regular lighting and try out different shades.***

***Gradually build up the color; it’ll ensure a greater depth and a longer lasting application.***

If you are the type to take risks with make up, go for hot pink lips, they are a true showstopper.

Now let's see how celebrities pull off the hot pink lips!

Adiouza, Senegal
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Avril, Kenya
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Lupita Nyong'o, Kenya
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