July 5, 2015
#Interview #SA | Zolani Mahola Talks Motherhood + Secret Wedding

Freshlyground's smooth voice Zolani Mahola  is a mother of  2-year-old boy Zazi. She shared her motherhood experience with South Africa's Drum Magazine,

      It’s a trip, but it’s amazing, just watching this little person grow is a gift. 
      I’ve kept him out of the limelight so far, but he’ll be in our new video. 
      It’ll be the first time the public have seen him.
      It’s made things a little clearer in a lot of ways. 
      There is someone new who depends on me and relies on me, 
      so I have to make sure that his future is sorted. 
      That makes life clearer, don’t you think?

Zolani & Zazi in Freshlyground's Latest Video "Don't Leave Me"

About her son she says,

      He loves to sing and dance.
      He’s lots of fun to be around, he has a great sense of humor. 
      I love that about him. And he’s very curious, but then aren’t all kids?

About the relationship with the father of Zazi, Zolani admits,

      I’m secretly married!
      I married my university sweetheart. We have been together for 14 years now. 
     There’s something nice about being someone’s wife and having your options 
     dramatically narrowed. I’m loving it!

Source: Drum Magazine

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