August 1, 2015
#SoHip #List | Braids Fest (part 2) - What are Celebs Rocking?

You really loved our first list of the coolest braids hairstyles and since then, we found other awesome braided does. Although this look might not always be the right choice for some of you girls because of work requirements, the weather or even the time to seat down for hours, anybody deserves to wear braids and feel good about them. So, for those of you looking for some inspiration, check out what celebs are braiding!

#5 Boity (South Africa) - Simple black box braids are still trendy

#4 Juliet Ibrahim (Ghana) - Sexy blond braids

 #4 Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania) - Edgy grayish braids

#2 Lizha James (Mozambique) - Twisty braids

#1 Tence Mena (Madagascar) - Messy yet flamboyant box braids

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