December 6, 2015
#OP | By Insulting Muslim & Mandingo People, Nicki Minaj is Bashing her Own

If you had to look for the word controversy in the dictionary, you would definitely find Nicki Minaj’s picture next to the definition. Indeed, since she embarked on this successful career of hers, the famous rapper tends to always be wrapped up in some drama. Beside the one we reported in 2013 on her snobbish attitude toward African artists including Tuface and Toya Delazy, a year prior to that incident, she made lots of Muslim haters because of some insulting phrase in her song “Beam Me Up Scotty”.

In case you missed that piece of pop culture, or just can’t remember, let us refresh your mind. The controversial lyric that read, “Assalamu Alaikum where the fuck is akbar” had many people of Islam faith calling her out for the inappropriate and utterly insulting wording.
Assalamu Alaikum means Peace be upon you or May the Peace of Allah be upon you.
Akbar means “Great” and is mostly referred to God as in “Allah-hu Akbar" which means, "God is Great."

Throwing the derogatory “Fuck” between the aforementioned terms expresses how disrespectful she doesn’t mind to be as long as it works for a catchy phrase. No matter what she meant to say, the interpretation can only be negative.

This is the same Minaj who called Miley Cyrus out for only wanting to use Black culture for her profit although she has no idea of the black struggle in hip hop.
I had to pause a minute to realize how hypocritical this statement is. Black people in America always want to claim their blackness when most of them are unaware of the real struggle of their ancestors.

In fact, if they did care just a smidge, people like Nicki Minaj would not have been using terms to hurt any other community. Or at least she should have apologized for the mishap. She would have understood how hard it was for minorities to be heard and respected. She would have gotten how unfair it is for rappers like her to use other people’s beliefs for insensitive catchy lines.
In addition to Islam, I believe Minaj should also take responsibility for her careless use of the term Mandingo, which is still the ethnic group most Africans of the western region are part of.
A lyric in the femcee’s track “Dance (A$$)” reads, “if he got a mandingo, then I buy him a dashiki”.
In “Beam Me Up Scotty” she continues,
Now all I need is a real mandingo
Gimmie good uhh and distribute my single
Bootleg the mixtape out in Nigeria
Hit up Amadu, he can meet the criteria
If he work da middle like a Mohawk.
On her songs, Minaj only refers to mandingo men as oversexual with enormous genitals. To see Black people perpetuate white-made black stereotypes in the open is disgusting.

I do not understand how black people can spit on their own heritage. In fact, during the 16th, 17th, and 18th century, many Mandingo were enslaved and shipped to the Americas which makes a huge portion of the African Americans in the United States descendants of the Mandingo people.

Also up to the early nineteenth century, there was a thriving Mandingo Muslim community in Port of Spain, Minaj’s birth place in Trinidad. Unless she experienced some sort of abuse from the Mandingo Muslim community in America or Trinidad, she must exercise cultural sensitivity in her lyrics. Because she may really be bashing her own.

Many Muslim Mandingo people in West Africa and further away are Nicki Minaj’s true fans. They have not lingered on the deep meaning of her lyrics and truly admire her creativity in music and fashion. But I think at some point we should all pause and re-evaluate some of the things we experience in life. We don’t have to keep cultivating ignorance in the name of fun!

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  1. Great article!
    Honestly, I once was one of her fans until I started paying attention to what she is saying rather than enjoying the music...



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