May 2, 2016
#SoCool | Beyonce's Tribute To Papa Wemba from wardrobe to tracklist

Lemonade Singer, aka Queen Bey, aka Music Legend of this Century, aka The Goddess of her own Worshippers, you may also call her Beyoncé, has not gotten out of tricks just yet, since she has now surprised her numerous fans with a full-blown visual album, simply called lemonade, yet the subject of deep intelligent studies all over the world.

We are obviously out of breath over here, it is really super hard to keep up with Beyoncé (the Kardashians are an easier bunch compared to her).
Anyhow, the decortication of the Lemonade album has been done, everybody knows this is a genius project and we are glad she included some African works by Somali poetess Warsan Shire, Nigerian stylist Amaka Osakwe and Nigerian graphic artist Loalu Senbanjo.
Beyoncé must be very serious about how she uses and integrates what inspires her from Africa into her work. She gets 4 claps for that.

Now that Africa has lost another of its overwhelmingly talented musical legends, wouldn’t it be just appropriate and amazing for Bey to have a humble moment and pay homage to the great Papa Wemba. Just saying though! This is not too much to ask since she and her husband produced “Fela” a Broadway musical show based on the life and arts of the departed Nigerian legend. Papa Wemba has gone to meet Fela, Miriam Makeba and many other artists, without whom, some of her greatest songs would lack the original beats that made them great.

But we aren’t begging for a homage to Papa Wemba, no…we have awesome African artists who can handle that far better than Beyoncé would ever do.

But if Beyoncé could, if only she has heard of the passing of the King of Rumba music, if she has wondered about what type of contribution Wemba has made towards world music, if she listened to his voice and felt cold and warm at the same time because of that enchanting Wemba voice, if she finally realized that bits of Wemba’s music sound a lot like some of her songs, then maybe she would wake up one morning, call her team and say, “Let’s do this!” and we have great ideas on how she could do this.

Beyonce is probably very particular with what she wears when performing. She wants to tell the story with what she wears as well. She works with great stylists to accomplish the vision.
Style-wise, for the tribute performance, Bey should probably find inspiration from peeps like the sapeurs and even Tshala Muana
The Sapeurs are members of Sape, which stands for Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes (the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People), are a band of men, mostly from the Republic of Congo, who turn the art of dressing into a cultural statement. Bey’s sister Solange has already worked with the sapeurs on her “Losing You” video. To master the sapeur’s look, bey should incorporate a suit-like attire, including bold colors and polished tailoring with impeccable attention to details. When it comes to Tshala Muana, she is another Congolese singer who was already stunning fans with sexy outfits in the 70s and 80s. She’s kind of like the Congolese Tina Turner. Beyonce is a huge fan of Tina, checking out Tshala could show her how Congolese people mixed European and African fashion to develop a fantastic stage presence with their performance attire.
Mrs. Carter also already rocks some stage outfits that could work for her tribute such as her sexy red and white suit. She also almost always performs wearing glitters, plus her large hat would be the best accessory for her sapeur look we think.

Vision Board Wardrobe

Beyonce has already received some Ndombolo training, she also has beginner salsa moves which is close to Congolese rumba moves. If she couples that with a creatively fit choreography, she should be good to go.
She's dancing Ndombolo

In order to have an awesome tribute, Bey should pick her songs wisely. She doesn’t need to sing in Lingala at all. All she needs are songs that have some English parts she could repeat without stumbling as in “Show Me The Way”, and easy to sing choruses like “Fa Fa Fa”. Beyonce could also insert Wemba’s songs into her most African-like tracks including, “End of Time” and “Grown Woman”.

Finally, this tribute could only be a success if Beyonce would be kind enough to add African cities into her tour dates, something she has never ever done. She probably just thinks it is more profitable to make songs inspired by African music than to actually perform in Africa. However, she has a big following here too!

But let’s be realistic, Beyonce will never do a Papa Wemba Tribute. It is more likely for her to get back with the Destiny’s Child permanently than to do a Papa Wemba tribute. It is more likely for her to be pregnant right now than to do a Papa Wemba tribute. It is even more likely for her to file bankruptcy than to do a Papa Wemba tribute. So you just have this article for a piece of that hardly likely piece.

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