August 7, 2016
Amber rose, being a hypocrite over body shaming Ibu

Amber Rose, the former stripper, turned celebrity / socialite, is at the center of a lot of buzz concerning her new show, The Amber Rose Show, which airs every Friday on VH1. On that show, Rose talks sex, sex, and yes more sex. Yet, muva, seems to be one of the most hypocrite bombshells on tv right now.

In fact, Rose tried to be very original last November, when she decided to post, a side by side picture of a muscular, model-like, shirtless dude, and Nigerian comedian Ibu, in a funny pose with the caption, “The sugar Daddy I like vs. The sugar daddy that likes me.” The post created a huge uproar from the Nigerian community, upset at amber for body shaming Ibu.

It all comes as a big hypocrite moment, especially when on her July 23rd show she covered a story almost similar to the Ibu controversy, but seemed more against online body shaming than she seemed to be a few months back.

Check out the video down here.

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