January 30, 2017
#News | Somali Celebs React to Travel Ban

Somali nationals, who are among those banned from travelling to the US under the executive order issued by President Trump on January 27, are already speaking out via social media.

Somali-born Britain's four-time Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah, shared on facebook his fear of not being able to reunite with his family living in the U.S., ‘‘It’s deeply troubling that I will have to tell my children that Daddy might not be able to come home.’’ Farah is at a training camp in Ethiopia as part of his preparations for August's World Championships in London, but. has been living in the America with his family for the past six years.

BBC reported that  British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson brought some clarifications, specifying that Mo Farah would be able to safely return to America after training as Trump’s policy only applies to those traveling from the 7 banned countries. Still, Mo Farah is reported to disagree ‘‘with this incredibly divisive and discriminatory policy."

As for Somali-Canadian rapper/poet K’naan, he posted an image on his Instagram page informing immigrants of the 7 banned countries of their rights. The image read information such as, ‘‘Resist any demand to give up your green card. Do not sign form I-407.’’

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Somali model and David Bowi widow, Iman also went onto her Instagram page and posted an editorial shot of her next to the quote, ‘‘I am the face of an immigrant.’’

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Somali pop duo and sisters Faarrow, who also hold a Canadian citizenship and are currently in the U.S. on an artist visa, expressed no fear, ‘‘We are born free and we will not subscribe to this illusion of oppression.’’ Rightfully so, as Canadians they have the option to go there. However, for many others in need of a better life, this is a major setback.

We're from Somalia, one of the countries a part of this #muslimban .. In our case, we're also Canadian citizens ( that states Somalia as our birthplace in our passport) we're here on an artist Visa and still have no idea how this will affect us. We can tell you one thing though, we have no fear or worries in our hearts. We are born free and we will not subscribe to this illusion of oppression. We can not be oppressed unless we allow it. If we're meant to be here, then we will remain here. We just want to remind everyone that we have the power and we've always had it. Although we're uncertain about what this means, we can always go back to Canada. There are people in worse situations then us, who are fleeing conflict with their families looking for a way to survive just like our family did when we arrived in Canada as Refugees. It's our CHOICE to be here in America but for others , it is life or death. It's up to us to stand up and choose Love instead of Fear. The whole country watched as men and all of us women got together to fight for women's rights. This is just as important. #NoMuslimBan #NoMuslimRegistry #WithRefugees #NoBanNoWall
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As of Sunday evening, there have been no comments from other celebrities such as Alek Wek, Lupita Nyong’o or Barkhad Abdi whose opinions on this issue matter to many.

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