January 25, 2017
#SoCool | Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman on Awesome Valentine's Days Cards

Strolling around the internet had us bump into a pretty creative blogger named Ben Kling, who unveiled a really awesome line of V-day cards. These printable cards feature the cartoons of some of the most famous people humanity ever witnessed, with the coolest V-day messages. Being the Afro eclectic people we dare to be, amongst original cards of Socrates, Shakespeare and Karl Marx we most certainly fell oh so fond of the ones with Nelson Mandela and Harriet Tubman.

Tubman and Mandela have lived incomparable struggle to free their people; one is South Africa during Apartheid and the other in the South of America during slavery. These two have demonstrated true love for other humans and most definitely deserve their faces on Valentine’s Day cards.

The messages on the cards creatively sum up what Mandela and Tubman stood for. For Mandela, it was to fight against the Apartheid, which is the segregation between the South African natives and the whites. Hariet Tubman on the other hand, helped her people sneak away from the South of America to the North, which at that time was living under the abolition of slavery, and provided better opportunity for black people.

You cannot go more ride or die than these two people  and we wish you to spend this Valentine’s day with someone who could just be a smidge of these black heroes.

To buy these cards go HERE.

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