February 1, 2017
#SoCool | What Beyonce Should not Eat While Pregnant, According to African Myths

The story that broke the internet on that faithful February 1st 2017, the first day of Black History Month, was U.S. Singer and a supporter of African culture, Beyoncé who announced via Instagram her pregnancy with not one, but 2 babies, as in twins. Congrats girl.

We do not know Bey’s regimen while with child but surely, she will stay on top of that pregnancy, as she did for Blue IVY. But you know, it does take a big African village to raise a kid, so we do not mind sharing some of what the African elders said about how some foods could affect an unborn baby, based on beliefs you might find utterly shocking.

For instance, in Côte d'Ivoire it is thought that if a pregnant woman eats an egg, it will be complicated for her to find an accommodating place to give birth. It is also forbidden to eat papaya, because this fruit opens and closes. Her uterus could then close again during childbirth, like papaya.

Other food advices refer to the physical characteristics of animals. In some African countries, a pregnant woman does not eat crabs so that her child does not have a wobbly wolk.

Women in Gabon avoid avocado because of its rough skin that could give scabies to the child. In Senegal the fruit of the baobab is prohibited because it gives pimples, and pineapple will gives many wounds to the child.

When it comes to Zaire, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, sexual intercourse must continue until the day of childbirth because male seeds feed the fetus. Within the Nzébi tribe of Gabon, men will stop intercourse on the fifth month of pregnancy; otherwise the baby will be born dirty or sick. Instead these men engage in sexual relations with other women. Beyonce will definitely not agree on this one though,  and we aren’t looking for another elevator fight or a real life Becky with the good hair anyway.

As for lemonade, there is no prohibition in sight, it is a refreshing drink that relieves morning sickness during pregnancy and provides you with good amounts of vitamin C.

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