March 26, 2017
#SoHip | Albino Makeup Vlogger Unveils Colorful Lip Look

When Makeup vlogger Gaje unveiled this colorful lip look, we were amazed by such a bold number. The makeup artistry is so creative here and works so well on Gaje’s albino skin. What was even more amazing is that she used eyeshadows to obtain what she calls "Lip Pictorial".

The different products used include the Bh cosmetics take me to Brazil palette, Nyx jumbo eyeshadow stick in white, Nyx setting spray and makeup addiction flaming Love palette.

To get this look, Gaje explains:

1. Scrub your lips with raw honey and sugar.

2. Apply any good setting spray to lips

3. Evenly Apply a creamy white lip pencil to top & bottom lips

4. Apply a matte yellow eyeshadow to outer corners of bottom lip

5. Apply Orange eyeshadow next to yellow shadows on bottom lips creating an ombré effect from yellow fading into orange.

6. Apply dark blue eyeshadow to centre of bottom lip followed by a dark purple shadow on top of the blue.

7. Apply a shimmery yellowish gold shadow on top of the yellow on bottom lip ( outer corners)

8. Apply a loose shimmery orange pigment or fine orange glitter all over bottom lip.

9. Apply dark bright green eyeshadow to outer corners of upper lip bringing it almost halfway to Cupid's bow.

10. Apply aqua blue eyeshadow to centre of upper lips fading it into the green slightly.

11. Draw a white line at centre of upper lip where Cupid's bow is. Use any creamy white shadow stick or pencil for this.

12. Apply loose green glitter pigment onto the green shadows on upper lip and light blue glitter pigment or metallic shadow to the blue at the centre of upper lip.

13. Apply setting spray to finish!

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