March 28, 2017
#SoHip | Here is the must have accessory for a Rwandan Engagement Party

Gusaba is a Kinyarwanda verb translated as ‘to ask’ and is the ceremony where the family of the groom-to-be officially requests for a girl as a bride. It is the event that precedes the actual wedding and as in many other African cultures, includes the dowry or bride price.

The traditional wear for this event in Rwanda is very precise. The women wear the umushanana, a formal dress consisting of a sash drape that is worn over a shoulder with a wrap skirt on which the drape smoothly falls to give a beautiful and elegant look, resembling the Indian sari. But the bride-to-be will most likely be recognized by her crown, a double headband with sticks on the sides. The aesthetic of this Rwandan-style crown has evolved with time. It has become a must have accessory made with pearls, shiny beads and more.

We’ve come up with beautifully worn Rwandan crowns on 10 brides. Take a look.

Pictures; Instagram / Pinterest

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