April 2, 2017
#Cinema | Can You Guess Which One of These 2 Guys is Actually a Girl?

Well if you hesitate it is okay, because it's hard to believe one of these 2 men is actually not one.

It all started in 2016 when a new season of South Africa's hit primetime soap opera, Generations: The Legacy started airing on TV. Viewers were introduced to a young bachelor with a thug thing about him named Wandile Radebe.

A few months later, the news broke that Wandile was actually played by a grown woman with boobs in real life named Chi Mhende.

We figure you may have a lot of questions like:
1- How well can she play a man when she's a woman?
2- Why make a girl play a guy anyway?

To answer the first question, Chi fooled everybody. “To prepare for playing Wandile I had to take a look at sexual identity, gender dysphoria, body dysphoria and I really allowed myself to fall into the physicalization of the part,” Chi explained in a recent interview with SABC 3’s Expresso Show. She also googled a lot of man mannerisms and relies on the amazing job of the people who prep her for this role from makeup to hair to wardrobe.

To answer the second question, let's say history was made in this African feature. Indeed, Generations: The Legacy has become the first African scripted series to include transgenderism in its plot. Although he seems comfortable in his skin as a guy, as the show goes on, viewers later learn that Wandile is questioning his gender identity and starts the process of transitioning to become a woman.

So when Jacob Latimore (right on top picture) was busy not pretending to be a guy in the U.S., Chi was doing the direct opposite of that.

But although Chi did definitely not try to look like Jacob, the resemblance is striking don't you think?

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