April 3, 2017
#SoHip | Hair Rebellion by Thandiswa Mazwai

As we take a hair trip in Thandiswa Mazwai's land, you'll see that this South African artist is not just a music rebel, but definitely a hair rebel as well.

Her dedication to artistic, always Africa-inspire,hairstyles, full of structures, edgy cuts and indigenous decorations should be applauded, because she is not only preserving African culture but also reinventing it one do at a time.

Thandswa never shies away from showing off her original hairstyles, we had to share a few of all the hair glory.

1- Side shaved + reversed braid falling down the forehead with a cowrie shell at its tip

2- Hair crown embellished with African hair jewls

3- Inspired by Nomadic people of Niger from the wadabi

4- Braided  hair sculpture

5- Short with painted zigzags

6-Huge snake box braid dressed with colorful beads

7- Intricate cornrow embellished with cowry shells

8- Beautiful mohawk with reverse cornrowed braids display

9- Still creatively hairstyled for Mandela day 2009

10-Inspired by Fulani braids

11- Tight mohawk game with metal embelishment

12- Intricate bun for 2017 "Bedele" album cover

13- Yellow & red hair dyes with face paint 

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