July 31, 2017
#LoveStory | 'I would never marry a guy who thought of himself as poor'

Jason was my coworker for 2 years before he asked me out. I was shocked. I really didn’t see this one coming. I was nice to him and he was too, but I didn’t imagine he would want to make me his girlfriend. So, I brushed his declarations off about a hundred times until I finally gave in. 
Why did I do that? I was single, and bored. I was looking for something exciting just to have something interesting in my life. I didn’t believe we would end up getting married, but sometimes I thought why not. He was very kind to me. He did not really have money but was very attentive to my needs. Sometimes I thought he was the one.
Jason was my coworker but I made more money than him and he knew it. I would rationalize by thinking, being the hard working guy he is, he would eventually have a better life. I thought it was shallow of me to not consider him just because he doesn’t make enough money. So, I paid for some stuff for him.

And one day, he asked to borrow some money and I gave it. Then another day he asked again and gave again. I was never reimbursed, but I felt bad asking.
Days after, he asked me if I would really marry a poor guy like him. I said no. I meant it. I didn’t want to be the type of woman who would give money to her husband. I told him he was a man and he should work hard, for the family he wants to have. He replied that it wasn’t a big deal if I took care of him since I know he does not have money. I replied that I would never marry a guy who thought of himself as poor and showed no sign of trying to change his situation.
At that point we did not even lived in the same city anymore and I realized I was the only one who made the effort to travel to his city. Every time it was planned that he would come to my city, something always came up. One day I got fed up, and gave him an ultimatum. I set a date by which, if he did not make an effort to come down to my city, then we would be over. He promised that he would come see me but never did.
Months after that he got fired from the company I also worked for. We would still talk from time to time, but I knew I was over him. I felt it. So I got tired of his useless calls and stopped answering. 
One day, out of the blue he sent me a text message, telling me that he needs a lot of money and I had to give it to him, or else he would expose naked pictures of me, he took while I was sleeping.

I laughed it off of course because I knew it was impossible. I blocked him, and today keep asking myself why I liked him. Why do we sometimes never see people for who they really are? Even when we see the signs, we don’t really see them.

Can you relate to this story?
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