August 28, 2017
#Culture | Zodwa Wabantu Or Is It the Kardashian Effect?

They call her Zodwa Wabantu and she describes herself as a dancer, MC and socialite.
Known for her body confidence, she is proud of her curvy body and isn’t a fan of underwear. As a socialite, Wabantu makes appearances in clubs and parties, and dances the night away while sporting something probably too skimpy for regular people.

Zodwa Wabantu recently had social media buzzing over the outfits she sported during one of South Africa’s biggest events. Indeed, she wore high slit dresses that were a bit too scandalous for most. On why she chose to wear such revealing numbers, Wabantu just said she picked the styles that were fashionable and comfortable for her. She wants to send a specific message which is the fact that women have imperfections such as stretch marks and cellulite that must be celebrated. After all, Zodwa seems to be loving being natural, from her hair to very light make up, when she chooses to wear make up at all.

With the birth of social media, we encounter more and more women who come out of different platforms showing off their body and getting paid to just have fun and take pictures. Kim Kardashian, as one of the first women to popularize the socialite activity in this millenium, it is safe to say even Africa is becoming a product of the Kardashian effect. Interestingly enough both Wabantu and Mrs. West speak the same body confidence language to the point where they both shared fully naked pictures of themselves on social media.

Such behavior always leave some perplexed. Is this really empowering to women or tragically misleading from African values?

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