August 27, 2017
#SoHip | Gwara Gwara dance invading Africa

Most African dance crazes come from West Africa. Take for example Azonto and Alkayida from Ghana, Gweta from Togo, Coupe Decale from Cote d’Ivoire or Shoki and Kukere from Nigeria. It is rare that a dance craze from the southern part of Africa gets to conquer the entire continent. The first reason is probably because the baddest moves from the south are just too intricate to easily assimilate, as the Pantsula dance for example. But today, there is a dance craze that is disturbing the peace on dancefloors and isn’t too hard to execute, plus it's actually very cool.

We are talking about the Gwara Gwara of course. Originating from South Africa, Gwara Gwara is said to have been introduced by DJ Bongz in 2016. Since then, it has taken the country by storm and is slowly invading other places. The popularity of this dance  reached even new heights this year when a video of SA pupils dancing Gwara Gwara went viral to the point where it was shared on Instagram by Swizz Beatz. As it is surely becoming more popular, Gwara Gwara has been performed by the Ugandan dance crew Triplets Ghetto kids and is also featured in Chindima’s “Fall In Love” video and Yemi Alade’s “Charliee” video, plus a lot more Gwara Gwara videos are uploaded on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

It’s not too late for you to get with the Gwara Gwara program.

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