August 19, 2017
#Video | 5 American Music Videos African Artists Must Admit to Have Copied

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but others definitely think it is effing annoying.
In this particular case, we aren’t sure what these artists think. However, we have evidence of shameless imitation involving some African artists and their American counterparts.
Here are 5 American music videos African artists must admit to have copied.

Check out this fabulous homage made in 2014 by Nigeria’s pop twins P Square to no other than the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. From defying gravity as in MJ’s "Smooth Criminal" to doing the zombie dance with the infamous red jacket as in "Thriller", P Square nailed every scene of the video. And we are sure MJ is smiling all the way from heaven probably still wearing that red jacket.

Up next, it is Julianna Kanyomozi who said “I’m still here” like Jennifer Lopez said “Ain't Your Mama”. Yes, the Ugandan songstress in her 2017 Video had the bright idea to wear a green dress while scrubbing the floor and ironing clothes just like in J.Lo’s video. Then Kanyomozi went on to wearing a sparkly pageant dress and a sash which reminded us a lot of Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurt”.

Then, here is Cameroonian singer Coco Argentee’s homage to once again, Michael Jackson. She even titled the track of her song "Coco Jackson". But to be real, this Egyptian setup doesn’t really resemble Michael’s video for “Remember the Time”. In fact, it imitates Katy Perry’s Dark Horse a whole lot more. For one, Coco is sitting on her throne alone, with no King on sight. Also, the place is full of guards, while MJ’s video had maids surrounding the queen. But we have to give it up to Argentee's "Thriller" routine and "Smooth Criminal" ensemble.

Katy Perry’s video concepts aren’t off the hook because Nigerian singer Yemi Alade made it a mission to copy the American singer’s entire “This How we do” video while adding simple African touches in her video for the track “Charlee”. From the ice cream licking, to the dancers and the chilling poolside, the Chinese fans, the ping pong game, the house setup, I mean everything.

Flavor’s song “Dance” is almost identical to Justin Beiber’s “Sorry” but that wasn’t too hard to do. All he needed was a white background and dancing girls in colorful outfits. Although Flavour also added different other spectacles, fans saw right through the video calling it the “African Sorry Video”.

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