August 27, 2017
#Video | Why the F*ck is Wale's 'My Love' ft Wizkid Not Getting Youtube Hits

Wale teamed up with la crème de la crème in music right now for the song “My Love” included in his latest album “Shine”.

They are:

  • - Superstar DJs Major Lazer who are responsible for the hottest summer tracks like the mega hit “Lean On” featuring MØ and this summer anthem “Run-Up” with PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj
  • - Africa’s baddest kid Wizkid whose multi-album worldwide deal with RCA Records/Sony Music International gets him an official title in music today
  • - Then Dua Lipa, whose warm voice and fresh face make her one of the few new artists already topping music charts

With this lethal combination involving today’s music valuable players, Wale had all the ammunitions to make his song “My Love” a certified bomb. From the breezy Afro-Caribbean feel of the beat, Lazer’s sickening distorted guitar chords, lipa’s deep and enticing intrusions followed by Wizkid crooning over the chorus, Wale's flow got so fresh it should be impossible to ignore this feel good vibe. However, the track was only able to score a mere million and a half views on Youtube to the fade aftertaste of a song that is not living up to its true potential but why is that?

The formula seemed to be right on this one though as Wale, who was almost forgotten from the scene, pulled a Sean Paul to come back right in front of the scene. Wale’s fans cried over the fact that he may very well be underrated. This is way more than poor Youtube views, indeed Wale’s “Shine” is said have experienced terrible sales since its release, despite promising singles including "Running Back" featuring Lil Wayne, "Fashion Show" with G-Eazy and "My PYT."

With these previous flops, Wale probably tried to win over his African fans by first dropping “Fine Girl” with Davido and Olamide, then more recently “My Love”, but how is that working for him?

The sales struggle is probably due to lack of promotion, still it is so disappointing to see people pass by quality music without paying any attention.

“My Love” deserves hundreds of thousands of millions of hits on YouTube for sure and Wale deserves that recognition for real.

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